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So, that guy is at it again
This time the domain is

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@kyzh Are we the first two people this yob went for this time? I can't even *~*convey in words how utterly flattered I am.*~*

Yes, my despairing political screeds, my obscure song clips, and my painstaking copies of mid-century meat adverts will be of inestimable value to the archivers of a post-viral, cross-planetary civilization. Thanks, Spampants. ☕ Sheddin' a single tear onto my slice of toast.

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@xenophora I guess we are special snowflake ;)

Maybe we are the one who gives them most publicity / dopamine rush?

Maybe we are just the unknown top poster of the fediverse, producing content that need to be safely kept until we finally make contact to this alien civilization.
They will need to see my backgarden and those word joke obsession I have.

As far as nemesis goes, this one is pretty weak, but hey, we all need to start somewhere right?

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They're gonna' parley this into a Vice Presidency by Fall. I just feel it in my bones.

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@kyzh I’m out of the loop. What’s the history of this?

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@carbontwelve @kyzh

About every two weeks this schmuck sets up another bot to scrape your posts and gets mass-blocked, then comes back w/a new account to whine about it. Also they had some other, earlier, multi-instance, creepy scene going on as "r00t," and variations thereof, but I forget exactly what it was. They've been touring with this act at least a year, possibly longer.

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@carbontwelve it is someone with a history of making / using software to archive public toots.

This is the 3rd attempt as of late.
A while back, maybe 6 months a year they had a their moment when the whole fediverse blocked them.

There has been a few similar people in the past, so all those people history merged into one.

Maybe he was the guy people talked to and said they were young, or with mental health issue, pretending they didnt understand why it was wron

re: Archivist / spammer 

@kyzh they're not actually running the archiver from that domain, are they? they keep saying it's a tor service

i mean i can't tell because there's nothing unusual popping up in my access logs, but this instance is just trolling

re: Archivist / spammer 

@starfall I dont know and I believe you know more than me.

Then again, nothing stops that person to start running the archiver from that domain at a later date I guess.

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