"ignorant" isn't always an insult. there can be good or bad (or neither) reasons for someone to not know something

@noyovo there really needs to be nuance with the way we talk about ignorance, and a totally dismantling of placing a specific sort of intelligence up on a pedestal.

having or not having knowledge isn't a moral issue, its often an accessibility issue.

@glitter Like as researchers, we find & learn a lot of information. But we are intensely aware of how most people literally would have no idea how to find that information without specialised training, access to elite institutions, or frankly money. & THEN there's understanding - since a lot of the research we find is filtered through elite academics, it helps to learn to “read between the lines” or figure out which things they're saying that are true & which are bullshit, so that when we share things we aren't misleading (at least not intentionally).

& of course it's not all about research lmao this is just one area we can talk about specifically


@noyovo @glitter

I am still struggling to unlearn the idea that not knowing things is bad, but I try to remember this xkcd comic


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