I’m going to be a little unnuanced and sweeping here, but:

Anymore, I get frustrated when leftists talk about “when the revolution comes”, as if revolution isn’t already here and ongoing.

Like. How are the George Floyd BLM protests, the Standing Rock and Wet’suwet’en protests, the various anti-cop autonomous zones, the communal squatters in Philadelphia, the 250 million-person strike in India, and waay more I’m missing, NOT revolutionary or NOT part of a revolution?

Revolution isn’t and can’t be a singular event. And passively waiting for a nonexistent One True Revolution is both self-defeating and disrespectful to people who are already doing the work.

@winter whenever my friends ask "how do I get started, what can I be doing," I always tell them to find existing things that further the liberation they seek and get in touch with them. I fell into reinventing the wheel when I first started getting involved, and didn't get that until I was burned out and alone, so now it's important to always iterate that the revolution is present and work has already started but is all hands on deck.

@winter Also Fridays for Future and other climate & environmental protests especially by young people, hell, veganism and anti-factory farming activism for all their problems (but anyone who said the revolution would be unproblematic was lying).

@winter I think much of this boils down to the unspecific definition of the word "revolution". If you view it the marxist way, it's mostly about a societal change in what group has control over the means of production, which doesn't apply to the examples you mentioned. Don't get me wrong, they absolutely are progress and may be called revolutionary, just not in the same way

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