Every nonblack person who has been complaining about Eugen and lack of accountability features on the fedi, has been boosting BLM posts, and who has the financial means to do so, needs to donate to @Are0h at his patreon to create a federated social network that *isn't* full of racists:

The minimum donation tier is $2/month, which will also let you see the budget documentation.

As of this toot,
Eugen's Mastodon patreon has 709 patrons and receives $5,991/month,
while Ro's Play Vicious 4 patreon has 68 patrons and receives $556/month.

Ro needs:
$2000/month to work full-time on PV,
$5000/month to be fully independent of external funding or ad revenue, and
$10,000/month to hire staff and create mobile apps.

If you can't afford even the lowest donation tier, you can still boost and share, especially with your employed techie friends.

Employed techies: We all know you can afford the highest donation tier of $50/month or better. DONATE.

@winter @Are0h is this a media outlet rather than just a social network?

@marnanel @winter @Are0h I'm also curious, what is the project exactly? I can see no technical details on the Patreon.
Specifically, why not just work on SSB?

@isagalaev The fact that you admit to it being in the past and that you're unaware of the present says everything.

Ro can better speak for himself, so I have no need to defend him here. I'm just here to say it's better if people make their own judgements.

@isagalaev Glad to hear that, though it came off unclear in the first post. (Hence our clarification.)

We haven't seen him picking any fights in the past year or so since we've known him. The fights have always been a result of someone talking smack about him first, including bringing up the exact point you brought up without the clarification that we made.

@isagalaev That's why we were so adamant about it.

Whatever's happened in the past, he's already made amends for it over and over and his problem with people that bring it up today is that somehow, white people seem to think that they deserve yet another apology for it despite again, both it and the apology being years ago and the behavior not repeated since.

@isagalaev We're glad to be of help. Honestly, being trans and plural, we've grown tired of having the same conversations over and over, explaining the same thing multiple times, only to be told to shut up by people who still refuse to understand the message, so we empathize with him on a level few white people ever could.

It's not a 1-to-1 comparison by any means, but we know enough to see where he's coming from and to spot the real problem sources.

@isagalaev And seeing as how he's gone from assuming pronouns to reminding himself to check profiles/ask for pronouns before doing anything, he's clearly improving to where there's no way that the stories we've heard about him back then could still be true today.

We're not trying to gush or anything. Just... I guess we've had this bottled in for a while now, ourselves.

Anyway, like with yours, this is just our account of events. It's up to you to make your own judgements.

@winter Do you have any info on the technical side of the project? I.e. will it be part of the fediverse? Will it be one central platform? @Are0h

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