Request for antiracist reparations/donations:

Please help Sunyata, who is homeless, has no income, and has not received a stimulus check.

They’re a black/Asian Guyanese-American disabled genderqueer femme DV survivor with BPD, MDD, C-PTSD, and ADHD.

Venmo: @liberationforall$vsunnymoon

The stimulus check Sunyata has not received was for $1200.

14 people have boosted the original post. 15 people each donating $80 = $1200.
I have about 30 followers. 30 people each donating $40 = $1200.
60 people each donating $20 = $1200.
100 people each donating $12 = $1200.

But also like... there are rich programmers on the fediverse who can afford to drop $600 or $1200 in one go. Pay up.

Venmo: @liberationforall$vsunnymoon

Attached art is digital art by Sunyata. An image description is provided.

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