In my experience, at least 50% of ableists telling autistic people they’re “too rigid” and have “black and white thinking” is because ableists don’t respect autistic personal boundaries. So if I don’t like being hugged without warning that’s “being too rigid”, but if I try to tell them that they’re “too rigid” or “black and white” about insisting that you always make “correct” eye contact, they suddenly can’t understand me.

It’s not 100%, because autistic inflexibility and “getting stuck” are real problems. Heck, autistic people can be straightup wrong or assholes like anybody else. But that almost makes it worse because then when someone is being a disrespectful bad faith jerk there’s this little voice in the back of my head going “Maybe they’re right, though?” And when people *do* genuinely have a point that I need to be more tolerant of something that bothers me for some reason but isn’t actually harmful, I’m always suspicious of their motives.

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