Does anyone have any advice for running an online group? It's one thing to start one; it's another thing to make it sustainable and as helpful as possible to those who really need it. "Start a Facebook group!" advice overlooks security and logistics issues with the site. A public mutual aid group I joined was quickly overwhelmed by too many posts and was predated upon by a bad actor. Really REALLY want to avoid similar issues if I end up organizing.

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@winter interested as well. I started a fb group and it's hard getting folks to be useful and not just post inspiration porn. I'm a mean mod and just delete things tho

@winter some parameters to work in:
Be hyperlocal: it's easier to communicate and meet each others needs if you can easily see each other.
Make sure security is baked in: get folks to agree to some general ideas around security, and use things like Wire that are made for more secure group hats, don't encourage fb posts about it.
Change up roles: no one wants to get stuck doing all the work, so switch up who takes notes who schedules dispatches, and who cleans up after meetings

@winter Good luck! – ask to use a channel for your mutual aid group. for encrypted & free text messages over wireless, and chat. :solidarity: 📱 💻 🖥️

@winter one thing that worked really well for my local one is not to have all the action be in the Facebook group and encourage people to triage into local areas and smaller private group chats.

Recruit volunteers you trust and start splitting the work early. Get them to do the same.

I found this guide helpful for how to deal with bad actors:

This FAQ offers pointers, but also try to reach out to nearby mutual aid groups if you can.

@winter I have not run one myself but I do know that my dear friend started one with a community of like-minded teachers at her school to help their students (who are all immigrants). Based on her experience, I would say collaborating with other individuals you're already familiar with and working within a community that you're already a part of is important? might be helpful to reach out to grassroots organizations in your area that can connect you with people if needed.

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