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mental illness, slur reclamation 

It has been genuinely freeing to realize that I actually am kinda crazy and that's okay.

My craziness often helps me be artistically or ethically creative in ways I wouldn't stumble on without it.

When my craziness impairs my quality of life, I at least don't have self-hate for being crazy on top of everything else.

Being okay (not perfectly happy, just okay) with being crazy is itself crazy, and you know what, it's great and I recommend it to everyone.

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If you’ve liked my recent posts on white fragility and have any income, please consider donating to - my intellectualized articulation of antiblack racism on the fedi is their actual lived experience.

Subscribe to their art here:
Another way to make a monthly contribution:
Make a one time payment here (minimum donation €5):

If you’re nonblack and you can’t donate, then you can’t. You don’t have to beat yourself up about it - that doesn’t help you or anyone else. But also don’t attack black people on the fedi for having needs or expressing emotions. Don’t make your limitations black people’s problem.

60 people favorited or boosted my post. If all those people donated €5 to Marcia’s GoFundMe, that would be €300. That would certainly be a start.

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my ethics 

I can't promise that I will never make a mistake.

I also can't promise that I can improve my actions in response to call-ins or call-outs. Some of this is due to mental illness and disability reducing my ability to do *anything*, but whatever my reasons/excuses, that doesn't negate harm I do or make it invalid for people to be angry at or disappointed in me.

I try to look for cues that my input is unneeded/unwanted before I add to it. I can back off if I've been previously aggressive or derailing in a discussion, and I respect people putting up boundaries around interacting with me (whether that be an explicit request to not interact, or a nonverbal but clear signal like being blocked).

Will add more to this thread as needed.

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Does anyone have any advice for running an online group? It's one thing to start one; it's another thing to make it sustainable and as helpful as possible to those who really need it. "Start a Facebook group!" advice overlooks security and logistics issues with the site. A public mutual aid group I joined was quickly overwhelmed by too many posts and was predated upon by a bad actor. Really REALLY want to avoid similar issues if I end up organizing.

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Pitfalls of organizing: perfectionism, sense of urgency, defensiveness, quantity over quality, worship of the written word, paternalism, either/or thinking, power hoarding, fear of open conflict, individualism, progress is bigger/more, objectivity, and right to comfort.

From White Supremacy Culture
From Dismantling Racism: A Workbook for Social Change Groups, by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun, ChangeWork, 2001.


You know what’s dumb? The literally constant struggle to keep my mental health at an acceptable level. Even small lapses in concentration and I backslide :/

URGENT CROWDFUNDING DUE NOV 4: Providence, RI single mom needs rent money and a new phone; $133/$790 so far; cashapp or paypal 

Teylanii is a single mom and DV survivor who needs a new phone, and for herself and her 5 year old daughter to stay housed.

She needs $590 for rent due November 4 and $200 for a new phone, for a total of $790.

So far at $133/$790.

Cashapp: $roetheboat

7. Disabled elders, especially intellectually disabled elders, are likely to not have biological children due to our eugenicist society

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The current framework that the elderly will/should be cared for by their own biological offspring as opposed to chosen family or fairly-compensated caretakers is SUCH a bad idea for so many reasons

1. Not all elderly people have biological children, especially lgbt elders
2. Not all adult biological children are able to do caretaking work
3. Not all adult biological children can be trusted to do ethical caretaking work
4. Forcing adult survivors of child abuse to care for their abusers in old age is ripe for abuse in either direction
5. By default, adult daughters tend to get stuck doing unpaid caretaking of their parents while the adult sons do nothing
6. The organization of society into self-contained family units, especially nuclear families, disincentivizes people from caring for anyone outside their family, cementing class hierarchies and increasing elderly people’s isolation and loneliness

I’m sure there’s more

GOAL MET ($500/$500) on Crowdfunding: Single Black mom in RI needs money for a used car for transportation to a job; cashapp or paypal 

Tina has met her goal. Thanks everybody

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Buffianna the stripey, first of her name, destroyer of crinkly paper balls, biter of hands, sleepy little baby

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Money, help needed, please boost 

Venmo: @void_

We are a house of disabled queer abuse survivors. We owe nearly $4000 in rent with little to no income. If you can spare anything to help our coven, all help is dearly appreciated. 💜

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carceral capitalism by jackie wang 

"For Fanon, it is precisely the element of risk taht makes militant action more urgent: liberation can be won only by risking one's life. Militancy is not just tactically necessary; its dual objective is to transform people and 'fundamentally alter' their being by emboldening them, removing their passivity, and cleansing them of 'the core of despair' crystallized in their bodies."

pg 285

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"Liberals treat small businesses as untouchable pillars of the community.

In reality, small businesses are some of the most exploitative workplaces, and often play a significant role in the gentrification of neighborhoods."

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It's scary and sickening to watch white women hatefully fixate on Black women and femmes. It's so poisonous, as though they're determined to make Black femmes pay for their own fears and insecurities.

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Landlords sue CDC for eviction ban during pandemic 

Landlords and the National Association of Home Builders are suing the #CDC for its #eviction ban, claiming it to be unconstitutional. Success in this suit (which will probably end up in the #SCOTUS) would not be likely invalidate state and local eviction bans

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27/10/20: phone bill is $1040 because of reconnection fees. Bracelets, 7 inch full persian in 20g 3/16" phosphor bronze, 6 and a half inch byzantine in anodized aluminum, purple over orange, and a 7 inch half persian three into one in 18g 3/16" jewellers brass. US$10 each or all three for $25, includes shipping in contiguous USA, others DM for details. PayPal $tarlimanjoppos #maille

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Sorry to be posting another one of these but rent is about to be due and I still haven't found work, and I'm extremely behind. I was able to pay last month's rent (very late but it happened) thanks to you guys and my family, and I'm very grateful. I understand we're all having hard times, but anything helps.

Venmo: @steviemcfly

Cash App: $steviexmcfly

I wish community actually existed instead of being a sentimental fiction

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need money, financial help, boosts appreciated 

I got bills past due. I earned some money at a gig but that’s not coming in til next week and even then it’s barely enough to cover it all. I need 180 ASAP to cover everything. Please give what you can.$fillertrack
On Venmo: fillertrack

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EVEN MORE PROGRESS MADE ($415/$500) on Crowdfunding: Single Black mom in RI needs money for a used car for transportation to a job; cashapp or paypal 

Tina is $85 away from her goal and hopes to get there today!

Her story: “ i don’t mean to keep reaching out to you are their any other resources you have for help. i just got offered a job and need a car the lowest offer i got was $500.”

Cashapp: $bectontina
Venmo not available

Currently at $415/$500

The phrase “virtue signaling” is potentially useful, but when the governor of Mississippi uses it to insult people who want to actually do something to stop covid deaths, I feel like the phrase has been tainted by association beyond return

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The cognitive dissonance I see from people who aren’t total racist jerkasses but are also related to a cop and want to believe their cop relative is different? Painful to watch

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