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mental illness, slur reclamation 

It has been genuinely freeing to realize that I actually am kinda crazy and that's okay.

My craziness often helps me be artistically or ethically creative in ways I wouldn't stumble on without it.

When my craziness impairs my quality of life, I at least don't have self-hate for being crazy on top of everything else.

Being okay (not perfectly happy, just okay) with being crazy is itself crazy, and you know what, it's great and I recommend it to everyone.

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If you’ve liked my recent posts on white fragility and have any income, please consider donating to - my intellectualized articulation of antiblack racism on the fedi is their actual lived experience.

Subscribe to their art here:
Another way to make a monthly contribution:
Make a one time payment here (minimum donation €5):

If you’re nonblack and you can’t donate, then you can’t. You don’t have to beat yourself up about it - that doesn’t help you or anyone else. But also don’t attack black people on the fedi for having needs or expressing emotions. Don’t make your limitations black people’s problem.

60 people favorited or boosted my post. If all those people donated €5 to Marcia’s GoFundMe, that would be €300. That would certainly be a start.

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my ethics 

I can't promise that I will never make a mistake.

I also can't promise that I can improve my actions in response to call-ins or call-outs. Some of this is due to mental illness and disability reducing my ability to do *anything*, but whatever my reasons/excuses, that doesn't negate harm I do or make it invalid for people to be angry at or disappointed in me.

I try to look for cues that my input is unneeded/unwanted before I add to it. I can back off if I've been previously aggressive or derailing in a discussion, and I respect people putting up boundaries around interacting with me (whether that be an explicit request to not interact, or a nonverbal but clear signal like being blocked).

Will add more to this thread as needed.

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Does anyone have any advice for running an online group? It's one thing to start one; it's another thing to make it sustainable and as helpful as possible to those who really need it. "Start a Facebook group!" advice overlooks security and logistics issues with the site. A public mutual aid group I joined was quickly overwhelmed by too many posts and was predated upon by a bad actor. Really REALLY want to avoid similar issues if I end up organizing.

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Pitfalls of organizing: perfectionism, sense of urgency, defensiveness, quantity over quality, worship of the written word, paternalism, either/or thinking, power hoarding, fear of open conflict, individualism, progress is bigger/more, objectivity, and right to comfort.

From White Supremacy Culture
From Dismantling Racism: A Workbook for Social Change Groups, by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun, ChangeWork, 2001.

So individual people are supposed to “hustle” and market themselves like businesses, but they don’t get “small business” covid relief? 🤔

Fuck the actually fairly large and rich businesses that get called “small businesses”

Literally just noticed I had a backlog of follow requests. Oops. Sorry, new followers?

“I bought Super Mario Kart for my cats and they went wild! (ENG SUB)”

Stardew Valley gripe 

Still wish the pc could marry Linus :/

I bought the game on a Steam sale. Haven’t played it yet but am excited.

Food - carrot cake! 

Carrot cake for my birthday, flavored with ginger and orange. Alt text provided for image

warning about a very transphobic website masquerading as trans positivity 

I was looking for an online support group for a trans friend who needed help coping with their gender dysphoria, and instead I found a “support group” for transphobic parents.

The main website sorta pretends to be at least somewhat positive towards trans people, but their pdf list of “resources” is a compilation of fearmongering about “”ROGD”” and hormone blockers, and endorsements of bathroom laws, “LGB”/“drop the T” alliances, transphobic detransitioners, the TERF moms who call themselves 4th Wave Now, and more.

The website is called genderdysphoriasupportnetwork DOT com. Not super into directly linking it tbh.

Crowdfunding $695/$2000

My friend Mickey, a Black trans person, is getting their first gender affirming surgery in late April. They’ll be out of work for a while recovering, so they’re crowdfunding for rent, utilities, travel costs to appointments, recovery supplies, and more.

Please consider boosting and/or contributing <3

Cashapp: $mickeyjaytee

*Thomas the Tank Engine voice* Luckily, no one was hurt


Today I made coffee cardamom sugar cookies

Recipe was from America’s Test Kitchen, with small revisions by me

This is a Less Wrong/“rationalist” community hateblog

suicide, Less Wrong, Roko’s basilisk mention 

Does anyone remember when Kathleen Forth committed suicide and named several members (including the Roko who invented Roko’s Basilisk) of the Less Wrong/“rationalist”* community as sexual harassers, and the Less Wrongers united in saying she was crazy, a liar, or both? Because I sure do!

*In quotes because the community is actually super irrational

Comment traduis-je en français “Hewwo”?

Autistic people should be given noise-canceling headphones at birth

VERY URGENT crowdfunding request $0/$18

Stephanie needs help with $18 for an uber at 9 pm US Eastern time today (or as close to that time as possible). So, basically, right now as I post this.
Cashapp: $swright0710

The intersection of the people who criticize activism as “virtue signaling” and the people who actually do anything in solidarity with marginalized people is the empty set

URGENT $0/$200

Tatiana says she’s been badly injured, unable to walk, and requests $200. I don’t think I can help her anymore after this though.

Venmo @Tatiana-Toplitz18

Article detailing the Andre Walker Hair Typing System, the LOIS Hair Typing System, the NaturallyCurly Hair Typing System, and Fia’s Hair Typing System.

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