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mental illness, slur reclamation 

It has been genuinely freeing to realize that I actually am kinda crazy and that's okay.

My craziness often helps me be artistically or ethically creative in ways I wouldn't stumble on without it.

When my craziness impairs my quality of life, I at least don't have self-hate for being crazy on top of everything else.

Being okay (not perfectly happy, just okay) with being crazy is itself crazy, and you know what, it's great and I recommend it to everyone.

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If you’ve liked my recent posts on white fragility and have any income, please consider donating to @ArtistMarciaX - my intellectualized articulation of antiblack racism on the fedi is their actual lived experience.

Subscribe to their art here:
Another way to make a monthly contribution:
Make a one time payment here (minimum donation €5):

If you’re nonblack and you can’t donate, then you can’t. You don’t have to beat yourself up about it - that doesn’t help you or anyone else. But also don’t attack black people on the fedi for having needs or expressing emotions. Don’t make your limitations black people’s problem.

60 people favorited or boosted my post. If all those people donated €5 to Marcia’s GoFundMe, that would be €300. That would certainly be a start.

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my ethics 

I can't promise that I will never make a mistake.

I also can't promise that I can improve my actions in response to call-ins or call-outs. Some of this is due to mental illness and disability reducing my ability to do *anything*, but whatever my reasons/excuses, that doesn't negate harm I do or make it invalid for people to be angry at or disappointed in me.

I try to look for cues that my input is unneeded/unwanted before I add to it. I can back off if I've been previously aggressive or derailing in a discussion, and I respect people putting up boundaries around interacting with me (whether that be an explicit request to not interact, or a nonverbal but clear signal like being blocked).

Will add more to this thread as needed.

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Does anyone have any advice for running an online group? It's one thing to start one; it's another thing to make it sustainable and as helpful as possible to those who really need it. "Start a Facebook group!" advice overlooks security and logistics issues with the site. A public mutual aid group I joined was quickly overwhelmed by too many posts and was predated upon by a bad actor. Really REALLY want to avoid similar issues if I end up organizing.

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Pitfalls of organizing: perfectionism, sense of urgency, defensiveness, quantity over quality, worship of the written word, paternalism, either/or thinking, power hoarding, fear of open conflict, individualism, progress is bigger/more, objectivity, and right to comfort.

From White Supremacy Culture
From Dismantling Racism: A Workbook for Social Change Groups, by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun, ChangeWork, 2001.

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copy/pasting og post bc it's been a minute and risky can be weird about older posts sometimes:

hey. I'm sorry I know I asked for help before with groceries but my job isn't paying me anymore while I have to be on leave because I'm immunocompromised

they never even told me they would cut me off it's weird and they go about how there's no penalty but they're not doing shit for folks

absolutely no obligation but if y'all can spare anything during this anything helps

venmo: @Chryslin-Robinson
cashapp: $mercurythedragon

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Wondering how much Robin DiAngelo has made since the George Floyd nationwide/global protests with all the sales of her book and speaking fees just so I could be mad for the day.

Serious question: can someone explain to me what "dual power" means like I'm five?

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A tramp stamp that reads “This machine kills fascists”


Uhhhh, Filipino clothing retailer whose models have lighter skin than I have, please don't follow me on instagram

Housing and medical care expenses for Black chef in RI 

As of this toot, Phil H is at $4,241 raised of his $10,000 goal.

gofundme minimum donation is $5:

venmo minimum donation is $1:

It's okay if you can't donate. Just boost.

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genders are better when you pick them, even if it was the one you started with :dragnuwu:

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cleaning my vacuum cleaner and getting pissed off like bro this is supposed to be your job

URGENT: housing fundraiser for immunocompromised Black gay man in RI. Don't worry if you can't donate, just share 

Update from the organizer: “I am currently in a cheap motel for one night and do not have certain shelter nor long term shelter.”

Cost breakdown
“ First Month and Sec Deposit: In Providence RI this can run you at least 1300.00*****

Rent for several months while I try to get grant funding as an artist and get assistance from a pro bono lawyer with benefits: 4000.00*****

Groceries and phone bill: Being Black in the states I need my phone ON at all times and also being disabled makes that case more the matter too. And my SNAP is done so I need to be able to eat. 700.00*****”

$2500/$8000 reached so far

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Very here for indigenous protesters in Brasília aiming at police & the capitol with bows and arrows in protest of land rights violations.

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Rather astonishing us pol news 

US #Senate leader McConnell, fearing a devastating wipeout for for the #gop in that body, has signalled members that they may distance themselves from #Trump, should that be necessary to save their asses. This is a two edged sword, as it may alienate the gop base.

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Fashion is just one of the many ways colonialism forces the adoption of customs that are maladapted to local conditions, but it is visible and emblematic. The British made their Indian subjects wear wool to turn it into a market for their wool products. Wool. In India. One would scream with laughter at the absurdity of it, except wool suits are still considered the height of class around the world despite the fact that it is highly unsuited (sorry) to most climates. Most of the world's population doesn't live in a cool Western European climate, but men are still supposed to fit themselves into boxy wool outfits in order to be taken seriously? What kind of sense does that make?

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Re my post I boosted, I can't help but notice how much more suitable the indigenous peoples' dress is for the weather as opposed to the settlers. I mean I'm sure it's cooler up in Brasilia compared to the Amazonia basin (I hope the protesters weren't cold!), but the settler cops still look way overdressed. And there's not a single reason for them to dress like that except it's what Europeans and Euro-descended cultures have deemed to be decent and functional.

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anyway, this has all contributed to continuing cultural genocide with the "re-discovery" of certain foods into mainstream (see: White) society. its become extremely expensive to cook a lot of my traditional foods because the whites have discovered tacos and lengua and shit, prices get driven up and suddenly my family can't afford it but you know who can? rhymes with "Blight"

so i'm not saying dont eat tacos or pho or whatever but i am saying to consume these things ethically. support small family businesses, not chains and be aware of how your participate in a system all too glad to starve poor brown folk to feed whites their feel good food tourism.

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Long-term support is needed for folks affected by the raids. Many of those taken in the raids years ago are still locked up or are only just getting out. Please donate here to directly support four people coming home and one inside comrade:

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slut etymology 

1960: slut is a hateful insult for women who like to wear short skirts and deny christ

1860: slut mostly just means messy, but it's sometimes used as a euphemism for an animal in heat

1760: slut means 'unkempt woman' but there isn't really any cruel or sexual intention behind it

1660: slut is like a feminine version of 'scamp'. mothers call their daughters 'adorable little sluts' like it's totally cool and normal. people from the future look back and are absolutely horrified 🤢

URGENT: housing fundraiser for immunocompromised Black gay man in RI. Don't worry if you can't donate, just share 

The due date on the fundraiser is TODAY, 7/31. But even a small donation is better than none.

Minimum donation on gofundme is $5:

If you can pay between $1 and $5, you can donate to the Queer Trans Mutual Aid Providence organization, clearly marking your donation with the comment "RI housing fund 4 Black gay man immuno and PTSD" so the funds go to the right person:

If you can't pay anything, please boost.

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