How do people maintain alts and different social media accounts?

I've only been doing it for like an hour and I'm already confused and cross.

I mean, I intend to move properly somewhere at some point but even so. :blobcatflip:

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Okay, too many responses for me to respond properly right now, but what I'm getting is:

You need to be good at/not mind compartmentalising.

Which explains why I don't like it and don't want to do it. XD

(And fortunately, I am not going to do it for much longer.)

It was really interesting to read the different perspectives though!

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@vicorva I mostly just not use the other accounts, unless I get some weird inspiration.

@vicorva (sorry, couldn't help myself)

But srsly; I'm so used to hopping between different instances, that I think I'm blind to a lot of the friction and annoyance most people face. Maybe I'm just weird?

@vicorva This is the 2nd time I'm doing it. At first it's a bit confusing, but over time, you kinda move into a groove with it and it seems to work out.

I'm still sorting who I'm following where. Sometimes it will be from both alts, but again, over time it will work out who I follow from which one.

I'm not sure if any of what I've said makes any sense. Hopefully a kernel of help?!

@vicorva Thanks to the internet, I've been practicing compartmentalising my attention since I was about 15. Still not sure whether or not that's a useful skill to have, mind you!

@vicorva different look and feel of the different account helps.
Different profile picture/display name/bios etc.

Dofferent way to access the accounts: phone apps , browser, etc.

Making some topic really only happening on one account (eg. Gardeninf always go on this one, etc.).

Having 5-6 alts, so going back to 2 feels easy is another trick most people don't, actually. They either have them strictly segregated by type or they naturally migrate to neglecting all but one or two

@MrHousewife that makes me feel a little less confused. Like I don't *want* to maintain multiple alts but many people seem to want to.

Feels weird to me. I think there's two things there: one, the tendency for people to like a thing in theory that they don't really do in practice, and two, the apparent count of "people with multiple accounts" versus "people with one account" is inflated by the fact that they exist in multiple accounts. <.<

@MrHousewife I do the second! I ~try~ to do writing and gardening stuff on wandering shop and personal stuff here but I don't have the shop set up on my phone so if I'm on my phone, all is shop. masto.Social exists only for checking hashtags

@aldersprig @MrHousewife I actually think you do a fairly good job of maintaining alts? Like I am used to seeing at least posts from ping and from shop from you.

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