Hey it's a new month and my queer disabled chronically ill neurodivergent family is still poor! :P So yeah please boost this post! :boost_ok:

Is a thing here yet? lol It's not even saturday but me and my kids are Indigenous every day so whatever

I'm tired. I'm in pain. We're moving. My kids and pets want to eat every day. We need $$$ help.

if you're not struggling:
venmo/cashapp: sunfirewolf
paypal: enginesofiron at gmail dot com

is this in a rude tone? i'm not meaning for this to be in a rude tone life is quite a bit harder right now than I can necessarily pretend it isn't, you know?


the moving will make it so we're still extremely poor but technically we'll always be able to afford the roof over the kids' heads. an improvement for sure if a bit subtle sorta

@unfitmisfit it doesn't seem rude to me, just straight to the point which I totally get

@RadiantEmber ty for the feedback!

Yeah like I'm super appreciative but also so tired. All my extra nice energy goes to my kids and is in short supply :/

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