Because apparently I have neglected to do so, here are two versions of the flag!

The license is simple:
- attribution! link to this account and tell 'em a disabled 2spirit Indigenous anarchist made it!

- all queer/trans BIPOC individuals can use (including commercially and I'll even advertise your stuff here if you tell me about it!)
- all queer/trans BIPOC orgs/groups can use (commercial if it's not the focus of the piece, otherwise permission needed)
- non-BIPOC orgs/groups if for a specific BIPOC-focused event/outreach, asking permission first

I can provide SVG versions and other formats if ever needed

I originally shared these on play vicious!

Way back then I also shared the original flag! Designed by a fellow queer of color!

Here's the link to the original designer of it! (via wayback, because at least tumblr seems to not be live anymore):

If you're asking for a license to use, plz give me info about you/group/project(s) because I can't make a decision with no info plus I'm severely disabled and simply dont have the spoons to do an investigation myself :)

Oh and links are useful for this but not sufficient ,please type out information for me!

And dont DM me without asking and explaining why you wanna DM, ty!

To be clear, the license gives permission to BIPOC *individuals*. Organizations and groups run by BIPOC, whatever sort they are (1 person biz owner thing, unofficial group of super friends, nonprofit, LLC, whatever whatever), can use it if it is not the focus of the piece.

For anything else and for everyone else, you'll ned to ask and I may indeed say no or yes or yes but pay me.

Also the license isn't necessarily permanent. There's too many non-Black PoC who are anti-Black as shit to do that.

Maybe attempt to be a little nice to the severely disabled brown Native who made it too? Like there's no need for rudeness, I made this as an empowering affirming art piece for QTBIPOC. Trust me i'm not the evil monster in the situation of the world at large.

If you decide to hate me, honestly it's a long line to join the club along with all euro whites, but know that you can feel happy that I'll likely have a much shorter lifespan than many, am powerless so much as to be inconsequential, and am struggling to keep my kids housed and fed. :blackheartsparkle:

@unfitmisfit Hi! I'm one of the (white) admins of a queer mastodon instance, I was wondering if we could use this flag as a custom emoji. Can I DM you for more details?

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