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The pride flag I designed is in the Blue's Clues Pride Parade video!!!!

No credit b/c why would an & 2-Sprit who can't work need credit... or money... or free medical care or money for unaffordable medical care.... or a way to keep the roof over their head... or help paying for their 2nd assistance dog....

I guess? >_<

noticed a typo on my posts today but it's already been boosted a bunch of times so.... oh well! :P

My friend @Moss started a gofundme to help support me and my family for

My partner is out of a job, so we're out of an income.

For someone like me, I hate autism "awareness" month and "pride" month about as much as I hate "thanksgiving", where white people celebrate the continuing genocide of people like me

So if you can help, that'd be amazing. We're just running it for June for now. Any "extra" money will go to our medical bills/needs and necessities, particularly as @transmundane needs clothing!

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I made the pride flag some years ago, on my playvicious account. I've had very few people actually ask to use it, but it has beenused in many many places. The latest is the Blue's Clues Pride video (it's about 30 seconds in)

The license for this image is pretty simple, all queer or trans BIPOC can plaster it all over their accounts as desired. Queer trans BIPOC-led org can use it as well with just attribution. Everyone else has to ask and probably pay me. Blue's Clues of course did not ask me or even bother to attribute it to me.

Is really for , even though we started it? Corporate pride obviously doesn't think so, which pride definitely doesn't think so.


Aid Request (Pride Edition) 

I am hosting a crowdfund for @unfitmisfit at their request. If you've seen that Blue's Clues Sing Along video that's been going around, and look closely, you'll recognize one of the flags they use as Kif's.
They have been having financial trouble, and were not consulted or compensated for use of their art. Let's celebrate pride by taking care of our family!

#MutualAid #Crowdfund #TransCrowdfund #Pride

this is by far the most wholesome video ever to make me feel so worthless and shitty.

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like what even the fuck... I can't figure out how to feel about this. Probably once I parse this shit I'll be along the lines of "fuck the whites that likely made this decision, fuck so-called pride"

fuck me in the end though really, yknow? the system continues to work. Bravo.

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The pride flag I designed is in the Blue's Clues Pride Parade video!!!!

No credit b/c why would an & 2-Sprit who can't work need credit... or money... or free medical care or money for unaffordable medical care.... or a way to keep the roof over their head... or help paying for their 2nd assistance dog....

I guess? >_<

fundraiser for incarcerated comrade, update 


thank you all for boosting and for your contributions!! please keep going

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Help bring Rapheal home! Our relative Rapheal is currently serving a life sentence for defending himself. Rapheal's story is a moving one about resilience, healing from abuse, and standing up for yourself. Watch his Ted Talk and consider donating to his legal defense here: If you can't donate, please share and help us get #JusticeForRapheal!

CA Residents due 5/11

Leonardo CripTech Incubator is an art-and-technology fellowship centered on disability innovation. 2022-2023, platform for artists with disabilities to engage and remake creative technologies through the lens of accessibility. Engage with a cohort of other disabled artists and a network of experts in technology and media to develop a project at the intersection of disability, art and technology that innovates new forms of aesthetic access.


We will be awarding ten $500 grants to trans artists/activists of color. We are specifically looking for applicants whose work supports trans folks, people of color, or other marginalized communities, and/or whose work fosters exploration and celebration of gender diversity.

white person talking over black person and this is why i'm not gonna hold space for white latine until pigs fly

Anyway, for #actuallyautistic folks and all #neurodivergent folks, I cofounded a forum just for us! It's called Sol Garden, and is tiny right now and we would love you to be there!

Folks who have ND friends outside of mastodon, please do let them know about us!

Our 3 mods are all #BIPOC, and neurodivergent of course! Here's our Code of Conduct:

use #solGardenInvite to request invites, and a mod will contact you :)

#solGarden #ADHD #schizophrenia #redinstead

Is DeviantArt like still a useful website? I remember you can sell art prints there, but is that a place people even buy from? Should I just make my own website and use, what is it teespring or society6 or some other place(s)

Fuckin hell I hate needing money...

also what tags y'all using for art related stuff on mastodon?

anyway looking forward to seeing how Coyote & Crow turns out!

(8 days left on kickstarter

maybe whites could just shut the fuck up, yknow? y'all thoughts are just not that interesting even when you're not putting your feet in your mouths

#TTRPG #Indigedon #Indigenous

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Read #TheDeepForest and like... it's attempt to fix The Quiet Year is so fucking white, couldn't even finish reading it.

It's desire to say #decolonialize over and over again really pissed me off

No, whitey, you don't get to "explore" decolonization.

Maknig the colonizers humans but the the Natives literal actual monsters was so fucknig tonedeaf I could not believe what I was reading

Like literally thought I was misunderstanding who made the game and what their thinknig was, but nope


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Tried to play #TheQuietYear over the weekend, and I just could not with the apparently thinking behind it. Like I'm a community, but I have to create problems for them? But I like them? I don't want to hurt them for the sake of a story.

It's not GM-less so much as *everyone* is the GM.

The grumpy skull thing didn't mean or do anything. I found the ending unsatisfying and pointless. Map drawing was cool

Overall seems like a real lack of sense of humor and a negative view on humans


there's toots I actually wanted to post here but I posted on weirder earth so I'll just boost them :P

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