Baking by weight really is the shit. If you don't have a kitchen scale it's actually essential

I want dresses that will make me look like a shapeless gender being

Need more of the other kind of gender cuz brain don't like this one

Skip college all you need for a gender and sexualities minor in the 2020s is this

uspol, dismal speculation 

I think one of the coup attempts is going to succeed. Now the fash know that the cops won't even try to stop them for hours, and even when the cops do something, they'll make barely any arrests. On average, there are essentially no consequences to being a violent white supremacist terrorist.

- uspol 

Keep having to remember that anyone who's surprised about the cops being bastards or who thought white supremacy wasn't that bad absolutely hates all the Black and Indigenous people who have been saying that the cops are fash and the US is racist af for decades. I guess their racist little brains decided we were lying or deserved extrajudicial executions and mass incarceration.

The "nice" white/assimilated liberals who keep having and then forgetting these "realizations" about white supremacy in the US hate our guts along with the fascists, they just hate us politely. It's hard when your enemies congratulate themselves for being polite and then act like you should consider them friends.

Genderqueer weird transition feelings 

Me every night: I should change my name and start estrogen

Me waking up every morning: I am far too exhausted to gender myself.

nsfw mention / genders reader male / meme 

my phone to me every night

Can't wait for another year of accomplishing nothing but time theft

Mh - 

My brain has forgotten everything except how to convince me I don't have Friends

can't believe there's an entire feline armor set in witcher 3 and it doesn't include catboy ears. never been let down more by CDPR

Covid, congress 

The half-assed stimulus that congress is thinking of passing is why I'm totally for harassing congressmen where they eating. Fuck 'em

Well it's been happening for a while but it turns out I actually hate star wars.

Witcher 3, sui mention, shitpost 

I installed a mod that replaces the default quest complete noise with the song from the show.

And I finished a witcher contract that ends with geralt mercy killing a werewolf who literally asks him to do that.

And after the fade to black and gross murder sounds you just..... [Jaskier] TOSSS A CPIN TO YOUR WITCHER


Cats a fucking moron, vom 

I swear the last few months my cats just been like "I'm going to cause problems on purpose [eats plastic when we're not looking]" cuz this week it's been "[throws up on the carpet] [gets a swollen lip from the allergens on the plastic he ate]" and just


Transition goals:

-first people stare at me because they think I’m a small, lost child
-then they stare at me because I dress like an emo kid from 2007
-then they stare at me because they can’t tell if I’m a boy or a girl
-they are so distracted that they haven’t noticed me stealing their wallet

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