I've got a crusade army that I've set up with one of my friends, and we've only played with them twice. But for the next match i've adjusted my list to be an Admech/Space Wolves order of battle and i'm... so hype.

people with adhd be like "i'm trans now too"

CDPR, cyberpunk 

As someone who's only passingly interested in cyberpunk stuff, it really seems like CDPR just really don't want anyone interested in cyberpunk to buy their bad game. Like, what if we made a game with absolutely no real ties to cyberpunk outside of aesthetic and keanu reaves.

Genuinely so hype for more extreme Meatpunks. Especially the ttrpg. fuck that's so cool

i love aoc as a streamer i just wish she wouldnt talk about politics so much

I’m furious

I found a company that promises to employ autistic people as datacrunchers to help other companies build their websites

One of the clients of this company? Autism Speaks

It’s so degrading and humiliating and evil that autistic people are supposed to be grateful to do piecework for organizations that want to exterminate them

Just saw an ad for an alienware computer that literally said "sometimes I can't tell myself from my machine. I think that's by design" and I've never had a commercial convince me not to buy their product faster.

Second day in a row I've woken up with a splitting headache I hate this

We need to make tik Tok antifa. Not like. For any reason. It's not praxis. We just need to

I've bought one or two funko pops but God do people who buy funko pops not have rights

Satire is an inherently leftist concept and this is evidenced by every conservative attempt ever at doing it.

I don't know if I'm Mastopoisoned or what but this image just looks incredibly cursed to me, like it looks like a shitpost but I'm positive the person I saw share it did it earnestly


Mayor Ted Wheeler is apparently running an anti-antifa campaign

I found a bunch of old wh40k novels that a friend left at my house when I was a kid and so I'm reading them now and am consistently surprised at how not shit they are

Yes I like bots’ posts. That’s just the kinda person I am

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