Found this piece of wood and thought it'd make a perfect snowboard. Couldn't steer while standing on it though, but it worked like this!

The garden doesn't get much direct sun, so the snow didn't melt so far. Nobody touched it, except for someone whose footprints I found this morning. 🐇

The first snow that seems to last for a bit in quite a while. ❄️☃️ We've had a really nice walk.

It's been pretty quiet, but every here and then there were some kids in snowball fights.

Since it's almost , here's my very first thing I knitted. It's obviously far from good but it's been fun and I got a bit better on the last rows. It's made from leftovers and with borrowed needles but I think we'll get some needles too soon and my wife already bought some nice yarn for a scarf.

Selfie, ec 

Me: Oh, the winter weather is beautiful, let's get out to get some precious vitamin D! ☀️

Me, getting ready to get outside in winter:

Deutschsprachige Vortragsreihe rund um (antischwarzen) Rassismus 

Die Uni Kiel veranstaltet, unter anderem mit dem Kollektiv afrodeutscher Frauen, Vorträge rund um Hochschule, Macht und Rassismus, darunter explizit auch einen Vortrag zu antischwarzem Rassismus.

Antiblackness ist auch hier immer wieder Thema welches aber meist auf Englisch behandelt wird, vielleicht interessiert es ja einige. Leider ist eine Anmeldung nötig und erfahrungsgemäß sind die Vorträge über Zoom (geht im Browser).

Da kann sich jede:r anmelden, ihr müsst nicht studieren oder so.

Detailliertes Programm:

DIY patches 

Some bonus pics from patches I made with leftover fabrics when I was 17. The lower ones have been on my jacket for many years, the top ones were more of tests. Did another embroidered one that actually looked cool but gave it to a friend eventually.

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Didn't post this very small tomato yet!

The plants on the balcony are still producing new ones, but since the nights are getting colder I doubt that they'll become ripe. It's really nice to have fresh, sweet tomatoes in November though, we get about 10 per week and they usually aren't as small as this one.

The forest croco I posted a while ago has lost it's eye, but it's gotten a replacement.

There are still some Raspberries growing every few days in November. They aren't sweet at all, though, I'll let the next ones hanging if there are more to come.

My brussel sprouts' leaves have been cropped, presumably by some rodent. Can they or parts of them be rescued?

Had a nice ride at the beach today. 🚵🏖️
The second half was without direct sun and cold af. Next time I'm going to wear something long sleeved and warmer socks.

Yesterday's bike ride into the sunset lead me through a road construction site which looked pretty cool!

Got 80l of new soil today for the new beds I'm planning for the next season. 🌱🚲

Also, the area in which we were is the former city Rungholt which overflew in the 14th century. There's are still some archeological excavation going on, currently they are trying to verificate some old maps by checking for the old deichs (which weren't high enough, onbviously). They are looking for how dense the sand is to determine whethere there was a deich which apparently works quite good. There are always some shards of ceramics and pottery to be found, found these and could take them home because there are so many. Larger or rarer founds are sent to a place where they are evaluated and probably sent to a museum. My friend found some bone fragments and horse tooth!

Legend has is that Rungholt was flooded by god because the inhabitants forced the priest to read the last sacraments to a drunk pig.

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Went on a guided tideland hike yesterday. It was pretty neat and a bit eerie to have nothing around you but mud, water and some small flora and fauna. The area is covered in water during high tide, but accessible during low tide. It's also a National Park and in this form unique in the world. Took some pictures which I'm goona boost from my Pixelfed acc.

The small "hills" in the pics (few cm high) are rockworm piles, basically sand excrement by lugworms and characteristic for the tidelands.

It's easy to lose orientation there and it's strongly advised not to enter them without guidance. People get lost and drown in the rising tide.

Was also a bit exhausting to walk for 5-6 hours without a possibility to sit in the breaks but worth it! We had to cross some tidal creeks which aren't very deep (maybe half a meter), but not easy to cross since it's all mud beneath them and you can sink in quite a bit, so some of the group formed a chain of people who stood downstream of the other people who crossed in front of them and then could grab for an arm or hand when they lost balance.

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