It's getting warm. Got the jorts out :be_cool:

@WizardOfDocs Stay as far away as you can, climate change is ruining this planet (even though it's sometimes nice to have Spring temperatures in Feb).

Hmm I bookmarked this toot apparently.
How warm is considered "warm enough for jorts" for German folks?

@iantila It's been 14°C while being very sunny in the morning when I took the decision and peaked with 17° in early afternoon. I'm not sure if I'm representive, but I haven't been the only one in shorts outside.

Today the temperature was ~2° lower, but cloudy, and I started the day over enthusiastically with jorts again but later switched back to long jeans because it felt too cold.

Aaah right, I assume that's this warm spring-y wave we went through last weekend.
17° is reasonable to shorten the leg sleeves.
It got quite chilly again, wearing shorts right now sounds pretty adventurous.


I like this.
"It was was barely one (1) jortsworthyneß today @tofuwabohu had to put pants back on."

@iantila @mearcstapa Sounds good to me. This is now how Germans measure the temperature. @pfx pay attention, this is going to be a quesiton in your next exam.

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