Didn't post this very small tomato yet!

The plants on the balcony are still producing new ones, but since the nights are getting colder I doubt that they'll become ripe. It's really nice to have fresh, sweet tomatoes in November though, we get about 10 per week and they usually aren't as small as this one.

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@ljwrites They may qualify as such, but I'm not sure where the border is drawn. They are, however, sweet and small!
They're grown from Open Source Seeds:
They call it salad tomato.

@tofuwabohu Ooh yeah, I think I've seen this size tomatoes at the grocery, though idk if they are the same variant (probably not). I think they were called by a different designation than tomatoes or cherry tomatoes, maybe vine tomatoes or something but that was obviously not a reference to their size.

@tofuwabohu impressive that you are still getting some fruit even into November. For the last ones, will you use the banana skin trick to get them to go read?

@GwenfarsGarden Do you mean putting the fruits next to bananas to accelerate the ripening process? Or using banana skin water as fertilizer?

@tofuwabohu the former, putting the tommies in a paper bag with a banana skin and this helps them ripen.

@GwenfarsGarden Yes, we'll do that! Not sure at which point I should harvest them though as I'd think the longer they are connected to the plant the better. But the tomato babies that appeared on Friday will have a hard time in the cold. :/

Also I wannt get some seeds from the fruits, is it necessary to use ripe fruits for that or does it work with not ripe ones too?

@tofuwabohu that's generally true about the longer they are on the plant. But now it's getting too cold for them to really grow much.

For seeds, I think you will need them from the most ripe fruits as they'll have developed ther seeds the most.

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