Sowed some new beans and zucchini. The first wave beans are almost ready to go out, just gonna wait a bit because the next few nights will get cold. Also the tomatoes are finally sprouting! They like their sushi-takeaway container, but now I can't close the transparent lid anymore because they are too big, so I have to move them to some cat-save place and it won't store as much heat anymore (had some kind of greenhouse effect). The rock was put in to support the lid when the cat would sit or walk on it but I think it's warmth saving effect could be beneficial as well.

Everything here except for the grown beans is sown with open source seeds and I hope to harvest some later this year to continue the cycle.


The beans are so fast! They opened after two days but I didn't take photos until today.

No pics because we have a server hickup, but the zucchini are out as well! Nothing yesterday but 3 cm now, unbelievable how fast they grow! :potted_plant:

I put 2 of them in both pots, at what size approximately should I prick one out?

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Yay, pics are back!
Folks are really growing fast. I may get empty plastic bottles later today so I can plant the newer beans out and protect them from the cold nights.

Unfortunately, the cat got to the first gen beans and chewed some leaves. :/


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@tofuwabohu i believe you can replant them when they get their 3rd or 4th leaf (but check this out, i'm not so sure)

@tofuwabohu bloody cats, they'll go for anything they shouldn't! Your plants are looking healthy

@GwenfarsGarden Thanks! Yeah, he usually is not allowed in that room unsupervised, but sometimes he manages to cromch anyway. There are only two plants in the area where he usually is as he doesn't chew on them usually.

Bonus cat pics because pics work again. :)

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