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Hi everybody! I moved to this account from

I mostly post about gardening, permaculture, nature, eco stuff but also politics sometimes. I'm stll a newbie in gardening, so there will be questions too.

I'm northern Germany and am also interested in different IT topics, but I'll mostly toot about that on my other account @tofuwabohu (in German and English).

what health organizations are sharing in staff calls re: COVID 

hi y’all, i work for a healthcare org in the u.s. and i wanted to share what the current conversation is internally around covid.

the vaccine will not be signaling the end of social distancing. only 1/3rd of americans polled currently say they would get the vaccine, and the FDA is going to pass the first vaccine that hits the 50% effectiveness mark.

these numbers do not indicate that we will be able to “beat” the virus w/ a vaccine.

Anyone on here draw comics? I'm looking to pay someone to draw an idea a friend and I had around landlord/tenant dichotomies.

So if you've been following me for awhile, you've seen me mention Fipamo from time to time as one of the projects I've focused on.

Fipamo at it's core is a blog platform that started as I promise to myself to get writing again but only with software that I built so I can add features that I need and to share it with other folks that want something easy to use and have full control of their data.

It took a bit but it's finally in beta.

urban collective farming affinity groups 

There's a group in Portland called the Municipal Eco-Resiliency Project (MERP), and I'm slightly basing this idea off what they do, but making it a little less formal.

A group of comrades coming together wanting to start a community garden. One member has a yard. Everyone invests in the garden plot at the house (providing supplies, money for water, etc), and helps cultivate it. This seems like a way to help provide land to friends in the community who can't own property while utilizing wasted yard space of those that can.

permaculture - 

Somebody on here has said this before, and better than I could, but we need to get rid of this "Oh we simply bought this property and now we're growing our own food" narrative that's behind most of the stories you see on Youtube and other places. Permaculture doesn't belong in the hands of the wealthy, it belongs to everybody, so either show me a community effort or get out.

Hey I just noticed that The Dispossessed is now on libcom, or has been reposted on libcom.
So now it's definitely there.
It was on The Anarchist Library. I guess that's why it was posted on libcom. Her short story about Odo "The Day Before the Revolution" is still on there. If you loved The Dispossessed and haven't read it yet, I recommend it.
Even if you haven't read The Dispossessed yet, I recommend you read it (that and The Dispossessed).

I'm rubbish at finding people to follow. Things I'd like on my TL: plants, rewilding, solarpunk, wild camping/swimming/climbing, urban greenery, urban adventures, DIY, crafting, carpentry, cooking, brewing, makerspaces, yoga, sewing, very basic programming (like, raspberry Pi? IDK), queer homemaking

...that you can do from an urban apartment

We were invited recently to Paul Rollins' anarchist permaculture garden. We dubbed it "anarchist" because it mostly lets the plants decide for themselves how to grow with and around each other. It also doesn't require most of the typical "work" associated with gardening, such as weeding and troweling. It literally uses every space available to produce food. If you live in a place that doesn't get much water, it's great because it doesn't even require watering! It also produces an incredible yield. It can fit a lot of food into even a small space.

Any open yard space or empty lot can do; his is in the front yard of a house he's renting.

Of the many ways to adopt concepts that increase Community Wealth and make an ecostead, this one would be effective for ending food apartheid. (@emsenn probably will enjoy this)

1. Mow down the grass or weeds.

2. Cover the ground with cardboard or several layers of craft paper ... plastic can be used as well. Anything that can hinder undergrowth works.

3. Add a layer of straw. How thick this layer need be depends on many things: one is the amount of rain you get. More rain = more straw. The straw will eventually act like a sponge, helping the garden share and re-circulate the moisture underground.

4. Add a thick layer of compost, or compost / dirt blend. This is where anarchy thrives best, among all the decomposing ruins of a system.

5. Toss a seed blend (cover crop) over the whole thing. Cover with another light layer of straw and compost... water and walk away.

6. (optional) Plant large sunscreen-type crops (sunflowers and corn) near your indoor windows for extra air conditioning power in hot climates.

#LIvingWall #Anarchist #Permaculture #Gardening
#CommunityWealth #Ecostead

Where are my radical #anarchist #indigenous folx at???? Where my gun-toting, ceremony-holdin’, drumming and singing in the streets #natives at??? Where my tiny house warrior supporting natives at? Where my blocking train tracks through the reserve folx at? I am still learning to navigate this forum but I feel like there has to be more people here than what I’m finding.

My garden is mostly green, which isn't very diverse. I am pretty sure I need more flowers; so does anyone have some recommendations for easy to grow flowering plants for a UK climate? Anything to attract more pollenators and pest-eaters? #gardening

🐍 Forest and jungle, or, Thrilling adventures in all quarters of the globe
Chicago ;The Werner Company, 1896.

We now have an etsy shop up and running and ready to take orders, in case you prefer to order this way.

Keep in mind, these are still preorders. Still waiting on some supplies to come in.


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