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Hi everybody! I moved to this account from

I mostly post about gardening, permaculture, nature, eco stuff but also politics sometimes. I'm stll a newbie in gardening, so there will be questions too.

I'm northern Germany and am also interested in different IT topics, but I'll mostly toot about that on my other account @tofuwabohu (in German and English).

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To my great surprise I LOVED running today. I headed out with low expectations - maybe I'd just go around the park, just see how bad it was. I really didn't do any running outside last winter. The gym was open and covid wasn't a thing and I just noped out. But this year nothing's open and I'm determined to do a half marathon in Feb, so I had to suck it up.

But wow, was it amazing out today! I ended up doing 5 miles!. (Here's photo round 1 - dog wants out so more later.)

Been into the woods again. They're preparing an invasion. Our time is up.

My name's Arden, and I'm new here. I'm likely not as well-versed in theory as most of you, but I know my values and want to help others. I am proficient in agricultural skills and want to build a trading network by mail dealing in heirloom seeds and other lightweight agricultural products. I also want to build upon the quality/exist of online libraries so that anyone can learn to grow their own food sustainably, all from one landing-page. I would appreciate any direction you all have to offer that might help connect me to my goals. #solarpunk #agriculture

Public and new avatar alt-text. (image is a photo of me)

Hey, salut, M-X here!

I've been using the platform since august. I'm opening up my profile a bit more, and will be focusing my timeline on photographs and digital manipulations.

This is spurred by a recent move to a coastal village (vague map:, where I intend to explore and re-kindle my joy with using a medium that has brought me much in the past. I want to share that, so here we are.

What to expect moving forward: Landscapes, still-lifes, portraits, and general visual experimentation accompanied by alt-text descriptions and thoughts on why the image exists. Also sometimes things that I find exciting.

Most selfie images will be followers-only, but I'm not locking down the profile (this may change)

People are still asking if Charlie H illustrations are Islamophobic in Oct 2020

There are people that spend all day hating on US standards of beauty and racism but refuse to apply to Latin America as if settler colonialism and Eurocentricity don't exist there (LMAO you've never lived outside of ur suburban american bubble, i can tell)

there are ppl who negate the complexity of Black Trans NonBinary experiences & called for us to shut up

This site is a leftie tumblr 2010 basic 101 echo chamber

#gardening what if we had a fediverse-wide seed library

is this interesting, should i think about organizing this

Yesterday's bike ride into the sunset lead me through a road construction site which looked pretty cool!

armed aides gently sway /
billion-year-old rulers on /
cryogenic thrones

#mastoart #haiku #illustration #poem #poetry #art

It's a bit stormy over here and the wind brought a bunch of maple seeds pretty close to my window, where they propelled for a while before wandering on. :autumnleaf2:

Happy Indigenous People's Day

Fuck Spain

White people live on stolen land

The USA, Canada, and Mexico have been complicit in allowing Indigenous women to continue to go missing with very little intervention:

Stop forgetting about Black Indigenous people

If you can afford it, donate your money to MMIWUSA or just give directly to your indigenous friends (you do have indig friends, don't you?)

Did the swamp walk today. It was kinda disappointing. This bridge was about 10% of the walk, and the rest was in the woods away from the swamp. Still, pretty swamp.

Institute of Sociology opens at Rojava University 

A quiet reading of "She Unnames Them" by Ursula K. LeGuin. Brought across my timeline by @ghost_bird , a nice little thing to read in the afternoon. I did my best to noise cancel with the technology I have, but unfortunately my neighbours have their own agenda, so there is some slight "flickering" of audio here and there; this is the best compromise I could manage.

PDF text of story here:

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