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Hi everybody! I moved to this account from @tofuwabohu

I mostly post about gardening, permaculture, nature, eco stuff but also politics sometimes. I'm stll a newbie in gardening, so there will be questions too.

I'm northern Germany and am also interested in different IT topics, but I'll mostly toot about that on my other account @tofuwabohu (in German and English).

My late #SunDIY.

I'm giving away some comfrey and sorrel plants. Originally I was going to take them to a plant swap, but that isn't going ahead. So I thought I'd leave them at the driveway entrance and hope some locals will take them.

I figured this was the lowest risk way of sharing them. Plus, I know I don't have Rona.


Made some new plant beds this
The one in the picture is at a rather shadowy place and I sowed salad and cabbage turnip. Also made a bigger one around some (very young and small) raspberry bushes where I sowed the same and sowed some blooming plants and radish in the vertical planter.

A "disappearing bog" or a "permafrost slump" are a couple things it has been called. What it is is a #landslide on the geology of an arctic region that has had "permanent" ice for 2+ years.

The main thing to make note of, should you come across one of these things in the wild, is that it has a muddy sinking floor. This sinking is the result of sub-surface ice melting. The land on top of the ice can no longer sustain without solid ice, so it literally sinks an entire ecosystems built on top of it.

Here's a story about what one indigenous group in Canada is doing to monitor and assess damages:

"Cholo is an Indigenous Guardian, part of a federally funded environmental stewardship program that monitors the health of the land and species on their traditional territory.

Cholo does most of the environmental monitoring during the summer on behalf of the Liidlii Kue First Nation in Fort Simpson, N.W.T. When he gets to an area with permafrost slumps, he takes photos with a camera that tracks GPS data. He records this data and gives it to the First Nation.

A few weeks ago, Cholo packed into a classroom in Fort Simpson with a dozen other local Indigenous leaders and guardians to take a workshop on digital mapping, which would take his observations from the paper to the computer. "[1]

"Thaw slumps are common permafrost mass-wasting features, and consist of a headwall made predominantly of ice and a muddy slump floor."[4]





#permafrost #bogs #climate #indigenous #ecosystem #geology #landslides #arctic

As I mentioned to @ArtistMarciaX, in the course of my readings I came across Black women's writings and discussions on colorism and internalized racism in different societies (Brazil, Jamaica, U.S.) and at different times (mid-20th century, early 21st century). This is a thread of the examples, with sources.

Here's a list with many different online classes! Most are paid and not exactly cheap, but there are 2 free ones too.

If y'all in the mood for some indigenous North American black metal, Ixachitlan released their debut EP "Eagle, Quetzal, and Condor" this month.

Expect raw atmospheric black metal with melodic riffs and harsh vocals.

Looking for some advice:

I want to grow zucchini this year. I think I'd sow them inside in April and move them into the garden in May. The garden is quite small and so I want to build wooden climbing aids to reduce the space they take.

The space where the bed is supposed to be is lawn right now. I read everywhere that for zucchini you are supposed to make the bed early, to put compost and organic matter in the soil als a preparation a while before the zucc comes in. But if I'd do that now, I'd have bare soil for 1-2 months, which could erode and there would probably grow other stuff ("weeds"). Is this the way to go? Should I sow some filler (I have white clover seeds) and dig it over when the zucc comes in?

As a follow up, the zucchini will cover up a lot of space even with the climbing aid, but the space will be bare soil underneath it, should I leave it like that? Apparently marigold is a good companion, should I fill the bed with them after digging it up and then just pull them out where I'm going to plant the zucc?

If you're stuck inside self isolating, try checking out @InvaderXan 's blog, which is one of the most beautiful places I know of on the internet. It's solarpunk and positive and should help cheer you up :)

Compost crowdsourcing 

!?!?!?!!? mom didn't even tell me we were doing these
the bag contains a mixture of clay and sawdust (clean cat litter apparently) and is mixed in with spores. you let them myceliate for a few weeks and then poke a hole in it and they just go like foomf... endlessly harvestable mushrooms for your kitchen. #solarpunk as fuck

Didn't get these done in time for #solarpunkactionweek but we got the first wave of seeds planted for what's been deemed Gardenpocalypse.

We're starting extra beans, swiss chard, collards, okra, corn, peppers, zucchini and squash to give away the baby plants to our friends and a guerilla garden I volunteered to help some fellow anarchists set up :anarchism: :_earth: :_gayheart2:
#gardening #communitygarden #guerillagardening

Someone on this instance using tusky? My posts are limited to 500 chars there, completely ignoring this instance's characteristicical 1312 char limit.

@solarpunkactionweek turning into #solarpunk action MONTH thanks to my school and work going all online. Yesterday I filled up this bottle tower planter with spinach so I can eat greens all summer. I got seedlings from the local hardware store, but if you start some yourself it's a great way to grow a lot of veggies in a small space and reduce water loss too. Details in the captions!

Also started filling the growing cabinet I built 2 days ago. Filled it with leftover plants from my mom and ordered seeds for the other boards. I had to add small boards to the sides so I could put more soil into it.

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I spent the whole day in the garden and it was pretty nice, because the weather was so good. I finally built a frame for the compost, again using leftover wood.
I got a little wormy soil from my mum as well, so I started a small composting pile to cultivate more over the time. The other side will be used for "hard to compost" stuff like mowed lawn and I will shift stuff to the "good pile" when it has capacity.
I want to use the fence bars in the background to grow beans in April, I hope it works out because once the trees get leaves it's a shadowy place.

how I reuse takeout containers for quickly growing food indoors:

1) get a clean container and lid. a shallow container works best because deep soil is not needed.
2) poke holes in the bottom of the container.
3) put about an inch of potting mix in the container.
4) select your seed. I have a microgreen mix I like (a mix of beet, radish, kale, etc.), but maybe you have dry peas or black oil sunflower seeds hanging around. you can grow those!


I've got the general inspiration for this from this video, but I improvised everything because I wanted to use the wood I had spare.

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Tried to build a vertical gardening bed from scrap wood today because the garden here is very small. It's a bit crooked but I guess it'll work. It's tilted backwards and the boards are tilted too, so I can have four boards of soil.
I hope I can find soil somewhere tomorrow, I think home improvement stores and the citie's site where I could buy composted soil are closed and I don't have a wheelbarrow, but I'll work something out. Also no idea yet what to plant in this thing, something with shallow roots preferredly. I'm open to suggestions on this!

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