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Hi everybody! I moved to this account from

I mostly post about gardening, permaculture, nature, eco stuff but also politics sometimes. I'm stll a newbie in gardening, so there will be questions too.

I'm northern Germany and am also interested in different IT topics, but I'll mostly toot about that on my other account @tofuwabohu (in German and English).

Vila Eloise has a fanzine now! It's a queer fanzine dedicated to queer activism and culture, DIY and news about our project.

You can download it for free here:


Had to pull out all garlic plants during the last days as it just keeps raining. :/ These were the last and biggest ones, would like to see them grow a bit larger but it's okay I guess.
Also the first strawberries were ripe! :blobcatflower:

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PSA:'s VPS is down at the moment, therefore Todon is not responsive at the present moment.

I want to create a new garden bed in which I'd like to plant brussels and probably cucumber (with some climbing aid) and cabbage (kohlrabi, not sure about the translation). The dimensions of the bed are not set yet, but it's going to have a longish shape like 1.5m * 0.8m (~5 * 3 ft). Thinking of 2 cucumber plants centerish, 6+ brussels plants around the border and the kohlrabi in between.

I'm not too sure about the cucumber as there's only some hours sun in the afternoon (house standing south) but I'd like to have some variety in that bed and it's already kinda late in the season. The focus or goal is "grow brussels in the limited space and add some other fitting/supporting vegetables".

Does the general idea make sense? Any advice or idea with what I could replace the cucumber? Are there some insect attracting flowers that would fit in there too?


violence/head trauma ment 

@chaomodus that's what Bash stands for incidentally, BAnishing SHell.

(Also a helpful hint that if all else fails, bash 'em over the head repeatedly until they go away)

A month ago, I offered free editorial services, with priority given to bipoc, lgbtia+, and similar marginalized people. Nobody has taken me up on it, but the offer still stands. I'm a technical writer with a thirty year career, and a ttrpg author and book editor with twenty years of publications across multiple companies. Please help me find relevance by helping you.

so tired of anarchy's only vibe being punk.

instead of white boys drawing graffiti on brick walls, give me black lesbians harvesting the vertical farm on the side of their collectively governed skyscraper

instead of white boys wearing black and flipping off cops, show me an open air market that doesn't need police because everyone can take what they need

vandalizing walls and flipping off cops are valid forms of resistance, but what we're fighting for is beautiful too

y'all over "gosh i dunno i just dont see anna like that, maybe we're just misunderstanding her and conveniently i havent seen the ten post thread of receipts of her using slurs and defending racist users that stretches back several years"

y'all over "Hm yeah better defederate just in case they're democrats"

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I think one of the problems with white leftism is that a lot of us want to have it both ways. We want to use our privilege to help the victims of structural racism, but we don’t want to have to actually give up that privilege. We want to be like the benevolent aristocrat.

Hi everyone! I'm a grad student in northern california working on brain stuff. I'm interested in plant and fungi identification, video games, board games, and food.

I like learning about decolonization, police/prison abolition, healing inter-generational trauma, and food sovereignty. Pronouns are she/her or ze/hir. Black, Tuscaroran. :blobcat:

Personal Masto Using Meta, FOMO 

Kinda stressed out by Masto. I want to keep following everybody and would like to follow even more, but I also would like to be able to read my whole timeline. This has become harder and harder and is currently taking 1-3 hours a day (I have another account where I follow 236 ppl, 98 here currently, plus 2 niche accounts). I think I really need to let some parts of my tl go (the posts, not the ppl, I really don't want to unfollow you or mute yall's boosts 💜 ) instead of always trying to keep up. But I'm afraid of missing out because I enjoy reading your toots and I'm also learning a lot from it.

How do y'all handle this? Read everything or skip a lot? Someone with similar thoughts?

Alan Turing bday, suicide mention 

Alan Turing was born today

He was gay and neurodivergent, famous for 'Turing machine,' a model for modern/general purpose computers

he was also chemically castrated by his government for being gay (instead of prison time), and later committed suicide at 41

Rest in Power, Alan :heart_cybre:

Hey Fedifriends! :tealheart:

I'm running a short research survey on Mastodon usage for a graduation paper on alternative social networks. Your input will hopefully help me introduce new concepts to media studies in Poland.

Please fill this survey and share with your friends, especially if you know some scholars involved in this topic!

Germany, Nazi pensions 

#Germany is still paying pensions to former members of the Waffen-#SS and #Nazi collaborators.

“[…] the payments range from €435 to €1,275 a month, […] Belgian survivors among the 12 million foreigners from 20 countries who were enrolled in Nazi Germany’s forced labour schemes receive €50.”

Oh no, Fritz chewed off the bookmark of my favorite notebook. :blobcatsadreach:

I can't even find the rest of it in order to repair it, hopefully he hasn't eaten the whole thing. 🐈

I'll say this now and after this know I've given up. There are lots of antisemites on the fedi and I got screenshots of their bad behaviour. I can't be internet cop, but if you want to *try* to hold people accountable I got them for those that care.

I'm taking my politics offline. I will concentrate on building elsewhere.

Emsenn ain't shit stop giving em a platform. In just the last week alone i've seen em call all rape survivors who report their trauma to the authorities as "cop collaborators". Ey repeatedly referred to (a black lead instance) as "a minstrel show" and then would justify it with the revisionist history that minstrel shows were put on for white allies to make them feel better about how little they did!? No. Minstrel shows were white performers putting on blackface to completely and totally dehumanize black people and codify many stereotypes which are still used today in media. Fuck emsenn, don't follow em, don't boost em, don't give em money.

Stone Mountain is NOT the final boss of statue improvements. When you kill Stone Mountain, you hear it fall and then devious laughter erupts before Mount Rushmore, literally a sacred site to the Lakota defaced by a Klan member, appears before your party

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