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that thread about DARVO 

I said earlier that I'd talk about this, so.

It's important to know what DARVO is and how it's used as a tool to bully people into silence/complicity in bad behavior.

DARVO is an acronym. It stands for:

Reverse Victim and Offender.

It is a technique that is used by abusive people to cover up their abuse.

It is incredibly common. Knowing how to spot it is key.

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mods posting reports to mock them is a red flag, and more users should be aware of this.

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fediverse nerd shit 

I compared the number of instances in a group vs number of accounts followed on instance, and the total number of accounts followed on instances in a group vs number of accounts followed on instance.

I don't know how to say that more clearly but the end result is this graph.

I mostly follow one account per instance, and also follow a lot of people on a small handful of instances (,,, and there is a drop in account numbers between the two.

Twitter: Bigotry is fine, but don't insult or wish ill to USA's president, that's mean :c

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fatphobia & ableism fridge horror 

Fatphobic people: We don't treat fat people like shit because we're prejudiced, we do it because we want them to be healthy! :blobcatheart:
Me: Even assuming you can tell someone's health from looking at them which you can't, you think it's okay to bully sick people?! :blobcatflip:

Pan discourse stuff continues 

Sadly, I've seen a lot of bisexual people joining an anti-pan position.

It's weird, they know how it feels that others use and reproduce incorrect definitions of your sexuality, to be told that they're "actually x", that your sexuality doesn't actually exist.

Those specific people would probably say something like "but we're actually real, you are just an attention seeking bi"

I mean, definitions of pansexuality and bisexuality can overlap, doesn't mean that one has to stop existing because they share an attraction to multiple genders.

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Pan discourse is back again! Specially on Twitter!

Most Twitter seems to believe pansexuality doesn't exist and think it is like "attraction to cis and trans ppl" to declare it biphobic and transphobic.

Most pan people define it as "attraction to all genders or regardless of gender".

At least other plurisexualities are left alone because aren't as well known.

It's exhausting.

Menstruation related 

Does anybody know the Ziggy Cup? Is it safe?

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Don't put spyware on your kids' devices. Don't spy your kids. They won't trust you anymore when they realize you were spying them.

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uspol motto, computer jargon 🤓 

Against the Alt-right...

Shift left.

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if someone was binary trans, but then realises they're non-binary, they're not now "less trans." it's not a step backwards in transness
equally, if someone is non-binary, that's not a stepping stone to *becoming* trans. even if they are later binary trans, there's not some sliding scale of transness they've moved further along. they were already the same amount of trans (if they personally ID'd as trans)

Are you supposed to reply to good night posts? I always imagine OP waking up thanks to notifications of replies lol

About that fedi app 

Isn't that block list that was used and then removed from the app tiny? Like it was the biggest worst instances, right?

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google suddenly worrying about nazi apps thing 

Google banning nazi apps is good but I would prefer if we decided what is a nazi app and not Google. They are know exactly known for dealing well with subtleties, people or moderation.

I *think* Quey is one instance that has a lot of Spanish-speaking people, but most instances have them blocked/silenced bc of their admin/mod and moderation. It is pretty popular for those who don't know better/are beginners on fedi tho.

Aside from that? I don't think there's A Spanish-speaking Instance relevant enough to cause such meta and conflict, compared to an English-speaking one.

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It's weird how English-speaking fedi is full of meta between instances and dynamics but from what I've seen Spanish-speaking fedi is mainly "software y cultura libre yay" (free software and culture in English).

It makes sense I guess, we are fewer people and people who just know Spanish won't understand English at all. Most fedi resources are in English, so it doesn't have too much reach to non English-speaking communities.

Spanish-speaking fedi users mainly arrived here to find an alternative to mainstream social media, and those who stayed are those who were interested in protecting their privacy and looking for a libre culture.

The most meta thing that was noticed by Spanish-speaking fedi I guess was Gab, but decent instances blocked them long ago...
So in general Spanish-speaking ppl go to any instance where they can register and live a pretty peaceful fedi-life (favs are the official ones). You can't perceive problems in English if you don't know that language.

Not saying Spanish-speaking fedi is heaven, but we are so few and irrelevant here that problems in our community don't affect most fedi.

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In honor of (aaahhhh 😳) please consider doing me and yourself the favor of supporting the people I love & admire most on the fedi, if you can afford it! , an artist and scholar who both expanded my world and continues to rock it, day after day, who has shaped this space in profound ways with very little thanks. I'm so excited to see what amazing heights they will reach next and you can help cheer them on, too!

@Are0h , the admin of the best instance on the Fedi who gets an incredible amount of shit for it. His plans are way bigger though, and if you want to support a bold new vision of community & mutual support online, well, here's your chance.

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Añadamonos en la Switch :p
(Avise eso si xd)



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