In other news I feel lonely, who wants to talk?

@skrlet13 i'm super sleepy and will be going to bed v soon but i'm here now! u ok? 💚

@pfx yea, considering the situation, how about you?

@skrlet13 good :) yeah this new semester of university is going better so i'm doing great actually, or at least i haven't crashed yet like i did last term. i don't see you about much? are you posting on other accounts or just not very active?

@pfx both XD
My main is @skrlet13 , I usually speak Spanish there tho, that's my main language

@pfx Probably I should try to post more lol, here and there.

@skrlet13 meh, if you don't feel you need it there's no reason to

@skrlet13 nice! has anything interesting been happening in chile recently? with my focus on university, i've stopped paying attention to the news over the last few months. over here in wales, we have some local government elections in a few months, a big rise in interest in independence from the UK government over the last year, and fluctuating covid levels that are dropping down again to low numbers, after a spike around chistmas time

@pfx Here in Chile covid levels have rised and there are problems with the local police violence against protestors and journalists.

@pfx It's sad... A street malabarist was killed by police recently

@skrlet13 i'm knackered, so sorry but i'm going to have to log off and go to bed now. thanks for the talk though 💚

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