It's weird how English-speaking fedi is full of meta between instances and dynamics but from what I've seen Spanish-speaking fedi is mainly "software y cultura libre yay" (free software and culture in English).

It makes sense I guess, we are fewer people and people who just know Spanish won't understand English at all. Most fedi resources are in English, so it doesn't have too much reach to non English-speaking communities.

Spanish-speaking fedi users mainly arrived here to find an alternative to mainstream social media, and those who stayed are those who were interested in protecting their privacy and looking for a libre culture.

The most meta thing that was noticed by Spanish-speaking fedi I guess was Gab, but decent instances blocked them long ago...
So in general Spanish-speaking ppl go to any instance where they can register and live a pretty peaceful fedi-life (favs are the official ones). You can't perceive problems in English if you don't know that language.

Not saying Spanish-speaking fedi is heaven, but we are so few and irrelevant here that problems in our community don't affect most fedi.

I *think* Quey is one instance that has a lot of Spanish-speaking people, but most instances have them blocked/silenced bc of their admin/mod and moderation. It is pretty popular for those who don't know better/are beginners on fedi tho.

Aside from that? I don't think there's A Spanish-speaking Instance relevant enough to cause such meta and conflict, compared to an English-speaking one.

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@skrlet13 i did hear of disagreements between spanish and catalan people when there was the great increase of people from spain joining the fedi. nothing else i recall though. i'm glad it's more relaxed over there! :)

@pfx I don't know much about Spain, but I think that happened because Catala wanted independence from Spain and respect for their language and some Spanish from Spain ppl were like "this is Spain, speak Spanish!"

@skrlet13 yeah, catalyuna wants independence pretty badly.

@skrlet13 Métete a la tertulia semanal (busca el hashtag) y ponte platicar de sandeces cada jueves con nosotros. :-)

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