Hi, i’m skrlet13, skrlet is fine too. I was born in 1998/08/13. I am agender and pansexual. My pronouns in English are they/them.

I speak Spanish and English, but this acc will be probably in English.

I am studying Computer Engineering.

I like technology, videogames, board and card games, and other stuff. I’m interested in human rights and I hope I can help to make a better world.

You may have seen me in other internet places, feel free to check out my links to see if thats me. Not all my links are in my web tho, but you can ask if you think one may be mine.

I've had good interactions with ppl here, so I wanted to join too. Consider this is an alt account, I may be not as active as in my main.

Hope we can have a nice time!

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