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Hi, i’m skrlet13, skrlet is fine too. I was born in 1998/08/13. I am agender and pansexual. My pronouns in English are they/them.

I speak Spanish and English, but this acc will be probably in English.

I am studying Computer Engineering.

I like technology, videogames, board and card games, and other stuff. I’m interested in human rights and I hope I can help to make a better world.

You may have seen me in other internet places, feel free to check out my links to see if thats me. Not all my links are in my web tho, but you can ask if you think one may be mine.

I've had good interactions with ppl here, so I wanted to join too. Consider this is an alt account, I may be not as active as in my main.

Hope we can have a nice time!

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Some notes about the current state and how to improve it 

It’s Pride month. People around the world are fighting for equality and celebrate diversity. The Funkwhale community is fully in support of diversity. We believe it is the greatest strength any community can have. Because of this, we have always tried to make our spaces welcoming to everyone and have strived to be inclusive to people from all backgrounds. However, we have not always been as successful as we would have liked to have been.

It is easy to pay lip service to the subject of diversity. Words and platitudes are cheap, and many in the technology world like to wax philosophical about how much they are in support of under-represented communities. Putting these sentiments into practice, however, is much more challenging. For all of our best efforts, we need to acknowledge we are far from perfect. Most of the people who hold positions in the Funkwhale community are male, based in Europe, and white. That’s not an equal representation of the people around the world or the users of Funkwhale, and is something we are keen to address.

Lets elaborate why this is so important to us. Humans are quite different, they have different use cases for and different access to our software. There are different devices, different languages, different abilities and many more differences than we can even think about. On the one hand its simply discriminatory to exclude some people from using or developing our software or take part in shaping the community. On the other hand this exclusion is a huge loss for the community, since we loose perspectives, opinions and contributors. And this is exclusion is not only happening explicitly. We also exclude people by not making our places welcoming or making it not easy enough for people to join us.

We have had some discussions about this topic. We know we cannot remedy every factor that has led us to where we are currently. But we typify these issues at Funkwhale, too, and this is something we think we can change. We want to be more inclusive and welcoming, and we want to make sure that people can not only enjoy our software, but feel positive about contributing to the project and community as well.

This is where you come in. Besides having our own thoughts about the topic and doing some research, we want to open the discussion and get your feedback, so that we are not just acting on our own myopic points of view. So, if you want to give us some input, have some ideas, or want to point out places where we have messed up, let us know! Tell us everything you think about this topic, especially if you don’t feel represented in the community already.

You can write us an E-Mail (private), contact us on Mastodon or Twitter (private or publicly), you can post to our Forums (public) or provide your feedback here (private & anonymous).

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There's something wonderful about someone dropping a "Good Game" on turn 1, starting his graveyard bouncing wombo combo

....and purging his graveyard into exile.

he quit the game before his hards had even all entered the void

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A desperate plea for help for my friend and her children 

Please help me to raise money for my close friend who's desperately trying to leave a deeply toxic and abusive environment with her two small and adorable children that don't deserve any of this shit. She's already been made homeless twice recently. Things are fully beyond breaking point and the official channels for support, though they've tried, are repeatedly failing her family in dangerous ways. (1/5)

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I really want to say thank you to everyone who has helped out by donating to PayPal or pledging through Patreon. You all have made it possible for me to pay rent for this month, and I greatly appreciate that. I hope that I can find work soon and contribute to others that need help.

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Lenguaje inclusivo 

Ando escuchandito la entrevista de las Vocal Fries com el entonces director del Departamento de Lingüística de la Academia Argentina de las Letras, el Dr. Santiago Kalinowsky (no sé si lo sigue siendo). Él sostiene que el lenguale inclusivo (en particular el uso del morfema inclusivo 'e') no se trata de un cambio lingüístico sino de un dispositivo retórico que tiene el fin de hacer patente una disparidad social. Dice que para usarlo correctamente se requiere de un buen entendimiento de la gramática del castellano, y por lo tanto no es accesible para todo el mundo. Él dice que reconocer este carácter retórico no deslegitima el lenguaje inclusivo sino que ayuda a su permanencia en el tiempo en paralelo con la evolución de las variedades del castellano, que es lo que ha pasado con otras estrategias retóricas.

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Este miércoles hay eclipse lunar 🌔

En Buenos Aires podrá verse entre las 5.47 y las 7.46, si el clima lo permite y si el despertador insiste lo suficiente

discussion about Kink, nsfw 

I think "kink is sexual" and "kink can be based on nonsexual things" can coexist.

For example hands are not sexual per se but you can make them sexual object with a kink/fetish.

And you need to be clear to everyone participating. I've seen cases for example of ppl roleplaying fetishes with other ppl unaware of that fact, because that thing that was fetishized is seen nonsexual by default.

I was exposed to kink too young because of this

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URGENT (they need this within the next three hours!! please share and donate to help my black trans friend!)
My employer is mailing my check but I need to pick up important stuff related to my health TONIGHT.
And I need to take a lyft to my house after work to get my therapy call on time.
Cashapp: $mickeyjaytee

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happy agender pride day :ms_agender_flag: 🎉

from your local agender sparkle monster ✨

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agender communal aid is when we give the genders we dont want to our friends who do want genders. THATS solidarity.

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this is a platitude but I wanna say it: I don't "identify as" my gender, I am my gender

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meta: zionist instances. please boost 

The last week has revealed that there is a lot of support for the racist, colonialist, & imperialist state of israel on fedi. Two of the more prominent instances ones that is federated with are and (We name these instances not just because there are users supporting israeli oppression, but there is also sympathy for if not outright open support, among the mod/admin teams there.)

As the israeli state continues to slaughter Palestinians & israeli colonizers continue to engage in mob attacks on anyone they believe to be Arab or Black, it strikes us as important to fight back digitally however we can.

We would like to encourage anti-oppressive fedi - including people on those instances! - to confront zionism directly & openly in the ways they best see fit, whether that be demanding action from mod teams, confronting users spreading hasbara (zionist propaganda), educating people who "don't want to take sides", leaving the instances, or other alternatives. Colonial oppression cannot be ignored.

Israel on other social media 

At least from what i've seen on my timelines, ppl are very against Israel. (y con razón)

Or maybe im just following good ppl? I'm afraid to look it up on public searches...

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On Israel and Zionism 

It's pretty obvious to me that we should measure Israel with the same standards we measure other settler-colonial states.

Herzl's Zionism is bred on the same European ideology which tried to legitimize other settler-colonial endeavors. It's also undeniably an important imperialist project for the United States.

Also equating Jewish people with (white, European) Zionists supporting Israel is not only ahistorical, but erases the multi-cultural Jewish traditions.

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statement on recent events from anti-zionist Jews 

“There is no version of Israel but the one that exists; there is no version of Zionism that is not racist and violent. We must abandon the liberal mirage where Israeli Jews and Palestinians skip happily into the sunset and instead deal with the reality”

I don't like how 3.4.0 wants a bullet list of server rules, but I like the idea of a special section for these rules

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NSFW artists I cannot stress enough to you that now is the time to make your own website and not rely on corporate social media as your home base
Apple is on a mission to wipe out adult work on every app in it's store and you gotta establish your own space ASAP 👏👏👏

What's DLive and why looks like so many people are streaming about cyptocurrency?

Wikipedia is asking for money, at least in Chile.

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Hey, fedipals - what are some of your favorite resources on the evils of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, all that bullshit? I need concrete facts to cite, but all sources are welcome here.

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