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Hi, i’m skrlet13, skrlet is fine too. I was born in 1998/08/13. I am agender and pansexual. My pronouns in English are they/them.

I speak Spanish and English, but this acc will be probably in English.

I am studying Computer Engineering.

I like technology, videogames, board and card games, and other stuff. I’m interested in human rights and I hope I can help to make a better world.

You may have seen me in other internet places, feel free to check out my links to see if thats me. Not all my links are in my web tho, but you can ask if you think one may be mine.

I've had good interactions with ppl here, so I wanted to join too. Consider this is an alt account, I may be not as active as in my main.

Hope we can have a nice time!

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"sexual autonomy" meta, child sexual assault/grooming, rape 

The idea that children should have full "sexual autonomy" with grownups is rape culture, full stop. It's the same logic that only recognizes strangers jumping out of dark alleys as "real rape"--anything other than physical force, like fear and isolation and the process that oh-so-slowly chips away at one's ability to say no... that's "autonomy," i.e. They wanted it. They asked for it.

This is old, old garden-variety rape apologism and it's been spouted by every child predator trying to sound hip and cool and liberated. Just ugh.

meta, racism mention 

Instances' meta goes too fast in English speaking instances. Blink and you'll miss it. I feel like a fool trying to figure out what happened.

Unfortunately usually is racism.

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I'd like to DM a table RPG, but i only have Vampire v20 and liiitle experience.

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autism, violent ableism, dehumanization 

Allistics: Omg sufferers of autism don't have *empathy* are they even human 😱
Autistic person: I mean since you're the experts on empathy maybe you could empathize with my difficulties living in a society not designed for my brain type, surrounded by people who think I'm defective and not even a person?
Allistics: Haha. No 🙃
Allistics: Anyway we will torture you until you act exactly like us

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Okay I like linus tech tips content but his video today comprises my main issue with these kind of tech youtubers. "we're going for a lower price bracket for once, that's right, we're building a BUDGET gaming PC!" and then drop the price of 1000$ and not see any issue with that

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El eclipse aquí se notó como una desaturación del color del cielo (robándole la metáfora a una amiga).

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Let’s just say it’s not working how I’d like it to, that the lua script of the mono mode is super weird and built in a way that makes it absurdly difficult to mod it so it uses four lanes instead of 3

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okay so which one of you miscreants brought Google's servers down

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Emmy made an episode about Lussekatter and Glögg (Swedish Xmas tradition, today is Lucia)

Hewwo. I've been using Friendica more lately. Sorry for not being here too much.

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You don't have to be friends with people who disagree with you politically and like, you don't even have to be friends even with people who do align on your views either if you don't vibe with them as a person. No shame in exercising agency over your social life!

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finally feeling better today 👍 finishing up and packing orders finally woo!

reminder you can support a small business run by a queer, disabled , indigenous artist this holiday season and buy my art or pronoun pins and stickers from my etsy! or if you don't like etsy, DM me and we can work out a different arrangement 🎉 if you see a design on my teepublic that isn't available for glittery holographic pins or stickers, let me know and i'll make something just for you :heart_pride:

etsy (holo stickers, handmade pins):

teepublic (masks, shirts, mugs) is also having a Cyber Monday sale today: :

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Is there somthing like a collaborative fedi blocklist somewhere? (Apart from )

Pedophilia mention 

There's an evil meme of recommending Boku no Pico (pedo anime) to newcomers in some anime communities.

A real friend will never prank you recommending you pedophilic anime.


It's a shame Fedi has so much racism in it. A lot of cool people (most of them black) are leaving bc of that. I hope they can find a better and nicer space.

The victims are sadly the most punished.

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