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Hi, i’m skrlet13, skrlet is fine too. I was born in 1998/08/13. I am agender and pansexual. My pronouns in English are they/them.

I speak Spanish and English, but this acc will be probably in English.

I am studying Computer Engineering.

I like technology, videogames, board and card games, and other stuff. I’m interested in human rights and I hope I can help to make a better world.

You may have seen me in other internet places, feel free to check out my links to see if thats me. Not all my links are in my web tho, but you can ask if you think one may be mine.

I've had good interactions with ppl here, so I wanted to join too. Consider this is an alt account, I may be not as active as in my main.

Hope we can have a nice time!

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why do anime characters never respect anybodies boundaries, wth

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developer working conditions, racism, misogyny 

You know something that's really interfering with something adjacent to free as in free speech when it comes to software, inhibiting developers' ability to practice their craft and help others? Exploitative working conditions for devs in general and the chronic underfunding of free software projects. Or how about the fact that software development in the West is overwhelmingly white and male, and tech spaces are predominantly hostile to minorities and women? How many talented, passionate people never get a serious shot at developing because they are the "wrong" demographics?

But of course the free-software crowd is crickets on these issues because, in their mind, the freedom of devs to be exploitated and to exclude marginalized groups is more important than the ability of people to actually make software.

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If you want to get a hint of how much of your knowledge of history has been white washed, I HIGHLY recommend this lecture with Akala:

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Give someone Pro 

Today is the last day to get a free additional subscription when you upgrade to Pro!

Give someone you love their own writing space on the web, included with your Pro subscription -- great for families, couples, and friends who want to write together.

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Feeling lost on Mastodon? Wondering what all of those timelines and options mean?

I did a video presentation about Mastodon for Michigan!/usr/group (

Here's the video if you're interested:

American Sign Language is used in all the continent or just USA?

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Mastodon/glitch-soc dev 

Remember that you can help me with a few bucks for my work and to encourage me to continue working on these sort of things — I don’t have a job and my unemployment benefits just finished, so I’m running on my savings at the moment:

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A month ago, I offered free editorial services, with priority given to bipoc, lgbtia+, and similar marginalized people. Nobody has taken me up on it, but the offer still stands. I'm a technical writer with a thirty year career, and a ttrpg author and book editor with twenty years of publications across multiple companies. Please help me find relevance by helping you.

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MTG:A dog pet you can buy... Too cute... Reminds me of my own dog and Ideafix.

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racism, hate crime, Wisconsin 

4 with men burned a black woman just for existing. Dont stop protesting. Don't stop calling your reps. Don't stop paying black people. Dont stop reading black writers. Dont stop, because these hateful people are out there and they won't stop. We can't either. #AltheaBernsein

Free Speech Social media (not fedi) 

Kane (WWE Wrestler) is promoting Parler
TBH I should have expected it

"Parler is an unbiased social media focused on real user experiences and engagement. Our content is moderated based off the FCC and the Supreme court of the United States which enables free expression without violence and a lack of censorship."

You can find its guidelines here:

Looking at the state of USA goverment... Oof :S

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monsterpit donations 

mastodon the software lives up to its name so we're now hosted by a trio of beefy kaiju servers!

this makes everything very fast & stable but also runs us about $115/month so if you happen to have a few dollars to help with the costs we'd definitely appreciate it!

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Complaining about asshole

I didn't know Tiny Tiny RSS' main developer (fox in link) is such an ableist asshole.

Not using TTRSS, so, eh.
Probably don't ask for support from them.

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There is a very real fear of human rights activists that COVID could become criminalized as HIV was and is. COVID is also disproportionately affecting marginalized communities: the Queer community, the Black community, the undocumented community, the Indigenous community, the homeless community...and what could be coming in a post-COVID America, which is failing to provide healthcare and resources to its inhabitants, is what happened to HIV+ folks in the 1980s, and is still happening today.

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You know? I kinda want a @parastat instance to join hehe

But we have to wait :blobcatmorning:

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