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Learning not to dwell on things is a bitch and is more of a banishment process, at least for me personally.

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Sui, mh, drugs 

I started trying to kill myself when i was twelve. I've had pretty serious depression ever since, with suicidal thoughts being my go to when things got rough. That & drugs.

This year I had a breakthrough in that I realized I was no longer waiting to die. This was a few months before Covid.

Since then? Well, it's been interesting. Lots of ups and downs. Trying like hell not to focus on me or make it about me. Which is kinda easy considering the horror that is happening all around.

Letting myself be a tiny bit optimistic 

I know I've cultivated my social media very well because I no longer see white influencers pretending they are helpless and instead I see them sharing resources, giving and organizing aid where possible, learning to criticize their own whiteness, and stepping in to handle conversations that spare black and nbpoc from it. I see the indigenous and latinx communities having hard conversations with themselves to examine how we're also complicit in passive racism and it fills me with hope

I will never be able to say anything worthwhile that hasn't already been said by black people about cops / policing / prisons so I will recommend the documentary 13th which is on netflix and speaks about the disproportionate effects of policing and prison on black people and the ways that it is a continuation of slavery for the modern day.


University of Minnesota has broken all ties with the Minnesota Police Department.

They will only speak to them from now on when they HAVE to for community situations, but will no longer use them for anything if they can avoid it.

“Merchandise can be replaced, black lives cannot." - current slogan for the protesters.


For some reason space is more real than time for me, so I can be marginally more productive if I subdivide problem areas into small grids, or make a goal to walk to a particular location than if I tell myself to clean or exercise for 5 minutes

fediblock, nazi enabler version 

There is more instances in this thread in case you are a fledgling instance admin with a blocklist to feed

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I speak plainly about bigotry and hate because it is not healthy for us to censure ourselves to appease a culture that even hates itself.

I often dismiss bigots asking me about what can be done to resist hate because it is not on us to regurgitate information that has, quite literally, been explained a billion times but they are too lazy to do any work on their own.

Displacing anxiety onto us to fix racism we are not responsible for is a function of white supremacy.

That is not our burden.

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There's like 5 people on Mastodon who don't code and none of us know how we got here

uspol, Floyd MPD, fund links 

@jude_ Beep! Just replying with links in general since that could help:
bail out protesters:
george floyd (zt”l) memorial fund:
street medic fund:
Stay strong!

hey if you donate to either the bail fund, the street medic fund, or the family fund, dm me a proof of donation screenshot and ill make you a patch.

i cant draw well but im decent at copying cool fonts and simpler designs, plus i have glitter if you want a patch with glitter on it :boost_ok:

Texas, no mail ballot 

#Texas Supreme Court tells citizens to stand in line at their polling place to vote, denies right of vote by mail, and if you die, so be it

autistic community discourse, ableist language

This is a good interview imo.

"I have autism. That is a political statement, because we are not part of the anti-vax conversation and that infuriates me. It’s anti-vaxxers saying autism is worse than polio, or other people saying anti-vaxxers are stupid. Autism is not a prison. It’s not something that should be terrifying. It is not a disability except that the world makes it incredibly difficult for us to function — and no one is asking what people with autism think".

This, but with "being autistic is a disability -- which not only is valid, it's why self-advocacy is important".

Also, "It is not a disability except that the world makes it incredibly difficult for us to function" is basically the social model of disability.

protesting advice 

so listen, its been a while (2014) since i've been on the ground due to illness, but at one time i was learning to be a street medic and if you're preparing to go out to protest, here are some things to help you be prepared:

1: If you can help it, try not to wear contacts. you may get gassed and that junk will get stuck behind the lenses. tight swimming goggles will help you to some degree tho
2: if you have a bandanna, soak it in apple cider vinegar and keep it in a plastic bag. take it out and breath through it if you find yourself in a gas cloud. it'll give you a couple minutes of protection to get out.
3: soak a wad of paper towels in dish soap and water and keep it in a plastic baggie for emergency decontamination of your skin. rinse your eyes with clear water. milk will alleviate the pain but wont get rid of the actual contaminant, soap will
4: oil free cold cream will also help to get rid of contaminants from the face

please be safe. carry change or small bills. tell people where you will be. have an escape plan. write important numbers on your arm, seal it with hair spray.

if you are asthmatic, carry your emergency meds or just sit it out. tear gas can kill an asthmatic. thats why i had to stop. i got gassed and almost died. please be safe.

queers defending cops don't deserve the protections of our communities.

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BLM, death mention 

A Black transman was killed in Tallahassee yesterday. His name was Tony McDade.

I can't say anything else bc its all too heavy

But Blk Trans brothers & sisters are subjected to as much violence by the state but are largely left out of the convo. Blk transwomen in America are going thru a genocide practically and I notice where its discussed and where its not.

Transwomen in PR are being taken from us & we're hearing of it more and more. I just...

PayPal is locking accounts that are getting too many anti cop messages in the memo field. You might want to keep a low profile if you're raising or donating money right now.

here are some places you can donate, if you are able:

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund:

Minnesota Freedom Fund (pays bail for those who cannot):

Reclaim The Block (coalition demanding Minneapolist divests from policing and invests in alternatives):

Black Visions Collective (MN an organization dedicated to Black liberation and collective liberation):


you should definitely support @ArtistMarciaX but in case you already do and wanna add some black fiction authors to your book shelf as well, Justina Ireland (author of Dread Nation and Deathless Divide) has a thread going prominently featuring the other black authors you should support:

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So apparently the cops that arrested the CNN reporter covering the Minneapolis riots claimed they were "Just following orders"

Ok, but that's LITTERALY a Nazi line. There's no way around that, actual nazis tried to downplay their compliance with the regime with that specific line. How do they not see the problems here? Do they really not self reflect enough?

No wonder ACAB

if you work in a mainstream service job like food service, your boss may likely tell you not to ring-up or charge police officers in uniform. business owners just give the police free things for,,,,, unspecified reasons. it’s similar to a protection racket in many ways, but it’s different because ?????? ??? ?????

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