"Portland's burning!" they said. Meanwhile, Portland is the not burning part at the top of this map, and people from Portland who are traveling south to help are getting guns pulled on them at militia checkpoints.

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@unlofl yes, there is a viral conspiracy theory that antifa is going down the highway throwing molotavs to ignite the forest

@showerpickles I'd heard the conspiracy theory, but jesus fucking christ

@anarchiv welcome to the apocalypse! We have militias, whole burnt down towns, and air quality so bad I have to wear a respirator in my house.

@anarchiv we got all sorts here. I don't know if they are that well organized. Just white men with guns

@showerpickles jesus please let this be the year the US falls apart but doesn't go full fascism maybe please

@gattogateaux @showerpickles
please stay safe and look after you and yours, everyone around those parts

@showerpickles ah fuck. I hope you can stay safe (and healthy-ish) there :s

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