when did corporate social media begin to define our relationships? How different would your friend network be if Facebook wasn't there? Breaking out of that type of hold on our relationships is daunting.

How will I see pictures? How will I organize and attend events? How do I build an entire social life outside of the purview of silicon valley? Has this whole generation lost the ability to form relationships like that?

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@showerpickles as someone who never joined FB (and consequently miss a lot of events), i worry they have

@patience even activism is entirely locked down inside of facebook. Some public events are posted on Instagram (also owned by Facebook). But to get involved with organizing groups have their entry point in Facebook groups. Then documentation is worked on in Google docs. Meetings are held in Google hangouts or Zoom.

@showerpickles that’s what has always unsettled me, as those entities have demonstrably worked with fascists, including cops

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