@patience @showerpickles but think of all the reusable storage containers that plastic could be used to make.

heck, it even has metal parts that can be recast for use as hinge pins.

@LexYeen @showerpickles seriously, i was making levity of it,


a lot of recycling facilities still cannot recycle black plastic for reasons

@LexYeen @showerpickles yup,

our city expressly tries (maybe in vain) to communicate this fact to everyone, despite how many takeaway containers have black shell bottoms (and clear on top)

@patience @LexYeen @showerpickles It's usually not that it's black, so much as it's a different kind of plastic.

@LexYeen @patience @showerpickles That said, it's probably getting rejected curbside until the person trying to toss it separates the metals from the plastics, and the different types of plastics from each other.

@showerpickles this is a fucking story, this is baby shoes never worn levels deep

@showerpickles why yes, the infrastructure budget should be recycled

@showerpickles I like the message but you could also just try painting it to be an ambulance or something

@showerpickles This warms my heart when I need it... Can we set it on fire?

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