firearms and the left in the US 

The second amendment was put into place to arm groups of settlers to kill indigenous people and colonize the land. I don't think 2a arguments belong in a left gun culture.

I'm not against having a left gun culture. I just wish there was more analysis and talk of the necessity and ethic around an oppressed people arming themselves in struggles of liberation. Sometimes people quote Marx about this, but it's always couched in the idea that we shouldn't give up the 2a or be critical of it.

Imo we should be critical of the 2a (especially as a movement) and the gun industry. There is a whole world of arms designed to be manufactured with garage tools and surplus parts. There is a practice of reloading ammo. We can build a whole movement outside of the power structures of the right. We don't need to piggy back on their white supremacist movement.

firearms and the left in the US 

For those interested in this there are multiple efforts in the past around this. The fp-45 liberator was a single use pistol that was made to be easily mass produced in WWII for insurgents fighting the nazis. The AK47 was designed to be durable and fixable by people with basic tools. Leftist fighters still use broken parts from AKs to fabricate new weapons around the world.

These days there are also efforts to use 3d printing to create a new version of the liberator. However, it's still safer and easier to just get some basic tools and use those to build the more classic versions

Also, in most of the US this is entirely legal.

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firearms and the left in the US 

@showerpickles this is probably why it took me so long to find my left gun culture, because there's so much toxicity still present in a lot of it

firearms and the left in the US 

@showerpickles God, yes. I'd love to see some diy gunsmithing folks that aren't utter right-liberterian anti-ATF chuds, and even explicitly leftist manufacturers / instructional sites / online vlogers

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