Here, I made a flag that represents me.

[quote from Lucy Parsons]

pdxpol / uspol 

if you don't live in Portland, imagine if Trump sent armed federal officers dressed for overseas combat to occupy the center of your city

[a previous version of this toot used the word "thugs". I've been trying not to use that word in a negative way. Caught myself. Sorry about that.]

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i don't really stan any flag. I fly the pink and black sometimes, because these days it's associated with supporting queer prisoners. Others using symbolism and flags to bring attention to their identity and struggle is cool though. add all the black and/or brown stripes to them you want. i can't believe people feel differently. what the actual fuck

Juan Gonzalez on Democracy Now! "people are blaming the anarchists and [others]... who are calling for 'defund the police'. in the '60s we had the 'new-left' which I was a part of and our slogan then was 'off the police'"


ya know, I used to think tarot was silly and rooted in false belief too. maybe for some it is

now, I know tarot is actually a medium of cards for people to discuss the struggles and goals in their life and get prompts to find encouragement, hope, and caring from each other.

tarot readers are closer to life coaches than mind future tellers

ok, I made giant neon pink signs with my street number on them and posted them all over outside the front of my house. pls UPS stop telling me my address doesn't exist


anyway, no I have to deal with sitting in a painful chair for one or two more days 😢

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aaaaaaa :possum:

I was supposed to get my new work chair today, but UPS never showed. I checked the tracking status and it said they failed delivery at a time I was sitting in my living room. I went through 30 minutes of phone tracking and the robot finally told me that the driver said the address was wrong. I literally had to hack the phone bot to get a secret option to correct the address. And the "wrong address" was my correct address.


coyotes have been all over my neighborhood recently so I'm not letting my cat out anymore and she is very very upset

yay, my new work chair is supposed to get delivered today!

no more painful broken chair

i had to drop my car off at the mechanic and took a Lyft home. my driver was an older man who drinks lots of beer, loves sports, and was your typical working class over 40 dude.

i was a little nervous being around him at first, because i was expecting a chud. But he spent the whole ride ranting about how fucked the government is and how we need it needs to do a better job of taking care of everyone. he went off on people who refuse to wear masks. talked about how awful the police are.

seems like the average joe is done with this shit, lol

Portland Timbers - maybe not eco friendly, but sure
Rose City Rollers - maybe a bit too on the nose
Portland Thorns - pretty cool name
Portland Pickles - the best name in sports

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they had a contest to pick the name and the most popular name was "pioneers", but that was already taken so they went with the other settler name. no, i'm not kidding

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hey Portland peeps, since we are on the topic of problematic sports team names can we talk about the Trail Blazers? The team is literally named after settlers

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