finished the last of my dentist appointments until my next checkup 😅

pdx mayoral debate 


I would have posted about how big of a mess this was earlier, but I am just now regaining composure from uncontrollable laughing. There were so many technical difficulties. Ted Wheeler asked if there were kids around to help. They left the live chat on. The facilitator almost read his phone number out live. It was amazing. The finally just rescheduled it after an hour.

There's a Portland Mayoral debate tonight and it's sponsored by Chevron. I wish I was joking.

the feds talking about the SRA: dangerous terrorist organization

me in the SRA: what if we organized a pumpkin-chunkin'?

"you come into my house on the day of the fourth thrown :ragelove: , and you ask me ..."

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in Portland we now measure the passing of time by number of thrown :ragelove:

time off / uspol 

to be fair, half of that is sick leave that I hopefully won't use and govt holidays for the next year through Juneteenth. Just time off for whatever I have 94 hours after 9 months on the job

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time off / uspol 

a lot of my jobs until this one had zero paid days off. that included tech jobs that boasted "unlimited time off", because it was culturally expected you wouldn't take it.

I finally have a job where it is expected to take time off, and it's just ... wow. I checked, and after 9 months in this job I've taken about 80 hours off paid and I currently have 220 hours available paid time off available right now.

one of the hard things when trying to explain how Facebook (and others) ad algorithms work to socially manipulate you into returning to the site, and the content that gets many people to come back often is conspiracy theories, is that that in itself sounds like an outlandish conspiracy to a lot of people who haven't been exposed to a lot of the tech industry.

removing the seeds from your peppers is cheating

new rich investors moving to Portland are like: "oh, uh, yeah, I don't know. Do you really think Mt. Tabor is a "safe" neighborhood?"

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What it's like in Louisville right now 

I can hear at least 4 helicopters overhead. At least 2 of them are police choppers. My friends have been arrested at multiple locations along the road I live on. Cops are arresting journalists and livestreamers. A nearby supply drop-off for protestors has been raided. There are armed militias roaming around downtown, unchecked by police, heckling drivers and pedestrians.

it's raining and I think I'm going to make some licorice tea 🍵 🛋️

gaining more distance from facebook/instagram/tiktok/twitter/etc I am seeing more and more clearly how much those whole enterprises are propaganda machines. everyone is talking about Foxnews and CNN, but they don't have anything on what the social media sites do through manipulation

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breonna taylor decisions 

probably an especially good time to give attention to louisville bail funds

uspol / brown shirts 

militias are on the ground patrolling the streets in Louisville in fatigues and armed.

On Saturday similar groups have plans to "take back" Portland by force.

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