fresh veggies, conserved food, maybe some crafted (sewn, carved) stuff every now and then

in another universe there is an underground culture that trades radical audio books on recorded over KidzBop cassettes


A variety of things:
Jam, yogurt, cheese, bread, knit goods, bookmarks, art, non alcoholic mead, etc.


wafts of dank smoke with hints of licorice steam drifting over decorative gourds

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I really want some tea and CBD cigarette times this fall

@showerpickles all my art, as well as mending, seeds and fresh herbs, and a small selection of clothes/accessories.

@showerpickles I would bring a sewing machine, and offer free repairs of whatever people brought, with the caveat that I could only repair what my machine could handle. If no one had anything for me to repair, I would teach different hand-sewing repair methods.

@showerpickles laptop repairs and deep-fried... anything. And cocktails and counseling! Oh, and hand-bound books & notebooks. And translations.

@showerpickles i prob couldnt do it every month, but iโ€™m perpetually sad about lack of opportunities to give ppl 4 oz jars of jam

@showerpickles@rage.love device repair services. car maintenance. furniture moving. i wouldn't need a stall, just a dropbox on my front porch (make sure to leave a note!)

@showerpickles eggs, cornbread, jam. beans in the summer. maybe it'd give me the motivation to really learn some foraging, that'd be fun!

@showerpickles plants, very occasionally, but more likely i'd come hang out with other stalls and help them with whatever

@showerpickles probably drop-in tech support and possibly pie. I love making pie.

other things I think that would be at a communal free market:
* Cannabis
* Cider
* Schedule books for signups for services like home improvement
* Tarot readings
* Therapy
* Religious advice

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Y'all ever just become a hero for not telling other's they'll die horribly https://redd.it/jgi4yr

The responses to this paint a picture of an awesome free market with food, books, clothes, artwork, tech, lessons, and more.

Obviously, not everything can be provided through an open air market medium. We need our homes heated, clean water, etc. Much of those things are considered by many to be basic human rights.

There is a new world that is possible to build right now in the shell of the old. It's right there, in reach, in our hearts.

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