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2 weeks down; 9 more to go (at least that's the current date I get to go back to working in the office)

Video conferencing but you just train a deepfake to participate for you

today's my weekly day to leave the house and get groceries. it's become one of those things I dread but also look forward to. it's scary, but it also is so nice to get out of the house and to be able to get new food (instead of settling for a soup made of staples for however many days in a row)


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April Fool's day? Aren't there already enough fake holidays celebrating the US?

sounds like I'll be working remote until at least mid June now

I think to a lot of the bourgeoisie the quarantine is like a Randian dream to them. They get to shut themselves off in a palace while they never have to see or interact with the lower classes. They simply have their needs materialize at their door. Their biggest frustration is that they don't have enough avenues to spend money and consume.

wtf is work? 

#FediKitchen check-in 


my direct deposit is late (i'm assuming 'cause of the rona). the first is coming up pretty quick *gulp*

uh, why did I get charged for a parking pass when all the campuses are closed for the entire month?


social distancing 

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