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delete and redraft, but i do it so fast and so much that my filmstills come to life as flipbooks.

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What if when bus drivers open the door at a stop when no one comes in or out, it is because they see ghosts?

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You're in Option Memory.
Everything has a heliotrope tint to it and large stacks of options are scattered about.

Every three years I forget the plot of La Jetée, which empowers me, yes empowers me, to watch it all over again.

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Hier on a été faire une promenade du soir, on ne savait pas vraiment si le couvre-feu était fini, en tout cas on a croisé que un groupe de personnes donc surement pas encore fini.

bill hicks & la gauche caviar 

Sad news of the day: no one needs to watch Assayas's Non Fiction. It's an excellent film, in the cold, empty sense of the word excellent. Basically it's a bit of a remake of his astonishing Irma Vep, a life-changing fiction about feigned cynicism in filmmaking, transliterated here to the fraught, eventful world of book publishing in the 2010s. If you're really so cynical, both films ask, why do you even bother with the arts? Why don't you leave us to rot in our blissful bohemian misery? Why do you have to come in and make so bloody well sure that every last pockets of autonomy becomes market-driven?
But where Irma Vep was full of magic, Non Fiction drowns in pensée unique, leaving a couple of drab, distant characters to present the case against totalitarian cynicism.
Idk. Maybe rage works better than despair or despondency, Where is Bill Hicks, I wondered last night as I cringed, where is Bill Hicks and his spiel about how marketing people should die? About the we-dont-give-a-fuck-about-the-buck buck? For all our European haughtiness, maybe it's a USian comedian after all who cinched this final argument.

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In situations of political conflict, an "underground" is a social structure that allows political actors (meaning, politicized people - from individuals all the way up to mass organizations) to operately secretly - without its actions being publicly known.

This is usually necessary if political actors pose a threat to the status quo, for a very simple reason. Since it is often the government's job to protect the status quo, and the government uses the law & its enforcement to do this, it will make threats to the status quo illegal as they appear, if it has not already done so.

Most governments make it illegal to fight them as kind of a "catch-all" rule for this, but they will usually adopt more specific rules depending on both the general context (what *kind* of status quo do they defend?) and the specific context (who do they fear threatens their power right now, or may become a threat if allowed to grow?).

If a group which claims to oppose the status quo really means what they say, they will have to take steps to be able to function when they're not allowed to. They will have to develop an underground.

Non Fiction by Assayas winks with love, joy, lucidity and uncalculated patience at My Dinner with Andre and I think that is beautiful

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@seances it was amazing! Loved the quirkiness, and the apathy/irresponsibleness of the main characters. Definitely need to watch it again, because I was high watching it on a first date lol

Angelus meets Stalker 

that's my poor excuse for a tl;dr if you were looking for a visual description of Lúa Vermella. Hope to get some captures for you soon.
Millet's Angelus is zoomed out so far that the workers barely stand out in the landscape thanks to their neon vests (gilets jaunes as we call them on As for the camera movements in the underground scenes, their celtic-zen simplicity would make Tarkovsky recoil in horror at my comparison. But there you go, I'm having too much of a weird time to be any more lucid. The water scenes, though. How to describe the whirling torrents... To be continued.

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And in the mirror I saw smoke coming out of my body 

That, but spoken out in Galician, which is up there, along with Romanian and Neapolitan, among my favourite romance languages. Unlike the other two, however, it's hard to find it used in movies.

The blurb of Lúa Vermella claims there's a new generation of directors from the Northwest of the Iberian peninsula. Whether they shoot in Spanish or their local language is something I have yet to find out, except I'm not in a particularly research-oriented mood these days. Whatever comes my way will be warmly welcome.

Lúa Vermella, (Red Moon Tide), 2020, actor-free fiction, 85min colour, HD video, Galician.

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Binge drinking and watching movies. Or viceversa. Most likely viceversa, but not making any promises.

Realistic witches in tonight's film. Ladies who look like they might be about to retire from their umpteenth zero-hours contract with a corporate cleaning & maintenance company. But might also just stay on because they're the local union rep.
Lots of water too. And spaces, natural, and manmade and all the in betweens, that once contained torrents but now only have damp stains.
Which, if read carefully, could tell your future.

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Anyone know of a Foss alternative to imdb or at least something more privacy friendly?

note to self: spend another 45 minutes sometime trying to find a full list of tracks in Villeneuve's classic Incendies.
Shoutout to Radiohead for a decent mix of their own little rock song, and otherwise hogging all of the published credits for this exceptional . It might come as a shock, Thom, but the contemporary vocal music that flooded my room as the credits rolled gave me goosebumps beyond anything you've ever signed.

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Wow I love this: today is the launch of the e. e. cummings free poetry archive! A project that shows what we can do when works enter the public domain.

Behind the scenes notes:

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This weeks movie: kuhle wampe from 1932. Good movie about unemployment, hope and solidarity.

Great cinematography as well. I loved the bicycle shots.

#socialism #berlin #movies

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Nothing like getting high, watching "Daisies," and talking life and theory for a first date. 🤗

Last night's movie was about travelling not for pleasure but for despair.

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