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delete and redraft, but i do it so fast and so much that my filmstills come to life as flipbooks.

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Toot nr 666.
quite a few Satanic movies are close to my heart, so I'll admit I agonised about this for days.

Now that all the evildoers of history seem to be toppling off their pedestals, here's one about a dude who climbed onto a massive pedestal, of his own accord, to practise a very ostentatious form of self-confinement.

Simon of the Desert, my favourite of Luis Buñuel's amazing Mexican flicks.

Alright, I have some real fun screencaps.
I gotta do something with them.

Not very much online lately and musing over the idea of being Muslim when living on the Moon.

Even if you are bad with directions, you just have to face Earth in order to pray in direction to the qibla.

sleep paralysis 

first time i had sleep paralysis i'd been reading "1984" in high school and the phrase "we will meet in the place where there are no shadows" came to me in the dream. someone whispered it in my ear while i was sleep-paralysed. then two low piano notes, played jauntily alternating, started playing from a spot of light across the room from me. i was too scared to take my eyes off the spot until the sun started to rise and i saw it was ambient light reflecting off a shelf.

Excited about mail today: I got the DVD set for FUCK TV, a San Francisco public access show by Michael Nine & Scott Arford that mixes video collage work & electronic music. Can't wait to dive in!

A helicopter, sitting still in the sky, like a loud mouthed version of the northern star.

In a cobbled desert you search for Alper, a complaintive runner in a dandelion hem.

mh, personality 

I'm Kevin Chevalia in 1993 adventure comedy film Homeward Bound, and my sense of humor is abandoned bulldog Chance who has to ford rivers and toboggan down waterfalls and shit to cross the country to reunite with me. Hope homeboy makes it.

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So, we are watching the Bourne films (don't @ me) and the 3rd one is part set in Algiers and I keep wanting it to slow down so I can look at the tiles on the walls and floor in each house they crash through ;)

ive had a good day then a bad day and now im watching a film about a weird cult

sometimes i think about to when netflix was still primarily known as a DVD service and streaming as an entity wasn't really a thing, and how i used to run an illegal horror stream channel of all the really gruesome indie flicks. if you were ever on /x/ and watched Human Centipede with other x-files in the early 2010s, you might have had that inflicted on you by me 💀

Drive Your Plow over the Bones of the Dead.
By Olga Tokarczuk.
With the inner and outer landscapes of Kenzaburo Oé's Silent Cry still fresh in my mind.
What a treat.

I have been informed by my entire committee that no I cannot in fact do a rock opera as my defense.

Creepy, laundry 

In a shared laundry room, I'm the person who wipes under the rubber lip of a front loading machine before using it. Mostly I catch coins and hair clips or the odd cigarette lighter or pellets of wet paper. Usually the grossest stuff is soap scum or hair. Today though? A rusted nail, two rocks, and a tooth. In a horror movie, that means something horrendous is under the floorboards and I have seven days to live.


Working on a thing about animals causing power outages, which is always grisly yet fascinating

In a cinema in Magic Metropolis you are threatened by Chelsey Detrolio, a multiple snowboy.

The Celtic version of those films about deserts and cars is called Mad Manx

Came across this artist name today: Mixmaster Satan. Made me cackle out loud.

non-explicit mention of a couple explicit movies 

shoutout to whoever programmed Kechiche's Blue and Noé's Love back to front to mercilessly reveal the latter as the tritest of all living macho filmmakers. The music alone is broish beyond description. Not to mention the vogue-mag bodies, the vacuous characters/dialogue, the nike-advert camera angles...

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