Clinging to a disheveled identity like a child clinging to their mother.

Most people will give up on life the moment things break down just because their conceptions of self are so entangled with fragile delusion-systems that they're robbed of agency and existence.


The issue isn't what's pure, ok, good, healthy, etc, but what isn't going to leave you a shell of a human if taken away suddenly.

Romanticizing plastic realities is a sure fire way to eventually become a reactionary when pushed hard enough.

Yeah, this is for all you nerds. Fuck your silly shit. You're no better than the meatheads.

I definitely feel some kind of way about this.

I think it's the core of what got me into therapy in the first place - trying to figure out what I was when I walked away the things that I thought made me, me, because I didn't want to be that me anymore.

But I didn't know what/how else to be so I was holding onto that old identity even when I knew I wanted something else.


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