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Karens, new essay, hierarchies, work, consumerism 

Lez go!

"Every Karen outburst is firstly a proclamation of defense against some violation of these rules to which the target may or may not subscribe, and secondly a move into victim-mode. The Karen thereby covers themselves in innocence, while fighting a crusade against perceived injustice, throwing a verbal tantrum for self-gratification through expression of their virtuousness and to whip up popular support."

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Tagging your local Trader Joe's with pro-worker propaganda to get your attention.

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This account stans Valerie Solanas's attempted assassination of Andy Warhol

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A personal fantasy of mine is to rob amazon bookstores and donate the books to libraries.

"dress for the job you want" I'm gonna need to look Aggressively Queer then

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hot take 

smokey the bear is an ecofascist

dream violence + 

I dreamed about punching a Nazi who was wearing a shirt covered in propaganda, dragging him to get punched by some comrades, and then dragging him into the middle of the street to hopefully get run over by a car. hell yeah dreamself

"fetishization is when you wanna fuck money" -karl marx, probably

Wearing a mask as an act of contempt toward the self-centered mother fuckers

The CDC has declared that, as long as you're vaccinated, barefoot is legal

if you ask me many of Americans will continue wearing the mask long after the cdc stops mandating it. the mask i refer to is of course the clown's mask.

Song: Memento Mori
Artist: Divitius
Album: Primordial
Genre: Progressive metal, Djent
Year: 2020
Origin: USA

aesthetics peaked with late 80s / early 90s Lego catalogues

racism, vent 

watching black folks be continually patient and gracious to racist asswipes is going to end me

@theruran @vortex_egg @Anarkat the liberalised idea of university improving society is social mobility: the poors should be allowed to learn how to act like their social betters.

i’ve worded that hyperbolically to highlight what i think is wrong with the premise

@theruran @vortex_egg @Anarkat in my ideal society, of course everyone should have access to this stuff, but it shouldn’t be a prerequisite to being treested with respect as a human being, which it too often is.

@theruran @vortex_egg @Anarkat the idea of university being offered to everyone is a very recent experiment, one that has resulted in a shift in the understood meaning of university- and a rebellion amongst upper class conservatives who are upset about the poors being allowed near their children, or, variously, a deliberate attempt to rebrand university as job training to justify the slashing of arts eduxation

@theruran @vortex_egg @Anarkat

the premise of university is more along the lines of class signifier training. it’s for learning how to act, talk, move like your socioeconomic peers so that you are able to recognise esch other at parties, job interviews, doctor’s offices. if society improves as a result, it’s like sn unintended side effect. or rather, towards the ideal levels of stratification.

Occult Features of Anarchism 

"the witch hunts were a gendered class war wherein elite males forcibly took over both the conceptual and practical realm of healing from peasant women"

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