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It was thoughtful of the old “Unsolved Mysteries” show to break up the stories of gruesome murder with segments like “here’s a nice old lady who owns a Chia Pet that looks kind of like the Virgin Mary”

I think my gf has ADHD. I'm reading some articles now about how to practice time management with ADHD, but is there anyone out there that might be able to point me in the direction of any other resources or experience?

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you would not be alive if someone at one point in your life did not gently place their hand on your body. there is no self-sufficiency. the ants need the birds need the trees need the ocean need the moon need the vast universe. the moon could not survive alone, even gravity has a hold with her. why would you be an exception? (2/2)

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Went into the conbini. Young man holds the door open for me on the way out. Very rare thing. Next, he starts chatting me up, in Japanese. Another very rare thing. He wished me a good night and went off.

Kindness for kindness' sake. The middle of the night in the middle of Tokyo.

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Spent much of this evening reading through @samuteki 's blog and am finding the writing to be very engaging, maybe not the right word, magnetic seems more accurate, I'm very drawn to continue reading (and indeed I will do).

This article on racism in Japan is exceptionally well considered, organised and very carefully and intentionally explained. Very much worth a read.

If you love your introvert, please make sure you let them know how long this damned thing is gonna take. We gotta manage our energy expenditure.

Went to the gym. Did cardio. On the way back home, on my bike, my legs were suddenly pumping full of energy and were begging me to use it. Took the long way home, double time. Felt strong, felt good.

First real day off in like two months. Exhausted from work. Exhausted from US politics.

I'm gonna take a nap.

Fuck, I have to get ready for tomorrow. Ow, my head hurts. Okay, it's not so bad now. Fuck, I have to get ready for tomorrow...

I keep going around and around in a loop.

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You ever get a stress headache that is just strong enough that you acknowledge you should take some pills, but not strong enough for you to remember to get the pills until it hurts again?

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Not sure this will work, but it doesn't hurt to ask: Does anyone here on the Fediverse have experience with the full procedure (from 0, without even a G1 license yet) of getting a driver's license and a modified vehicle as a disabled person in Ontario, Canada? I'm very confused right now as a newcomer reading all the rules and regulations and would appreciate someone who has done this before giving a bit of a TL;DR.

"It was the esthetic which attracted me, the idea that the work of art expresses, contains, and is itself a part of that energy which is life."
Princes and Powers, James Baldwin

I just finished giving my first exam of the year. I've started meditating again recently, and it was interesting how I could kind of 'look at' thoughts of stress and panic and just notice them without engaging in them.

I finally got to work on a design project of mine today, after taking care of a bunch of chores and spending time with my girlfriend.

When I sat back down to start working again, I got that nice little feeling when you see something you made with fresh eyes and almost surprise yourself with how good it looks.

Feeling pretty good right now :)

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Fun little fact: Every single drive on this planet can and will fail one day. Be sure to have backups of your data

It's really amazing how low-drama this side of the social internet is. Birdsite seems like a perpetual chaos engine in comparison.

Went in to work on my day off to finally, finally finish a big project. Now I'm working on my own project for my own work, and it feels completely different ❤

When I was a kid, they made being smart sound like it was the most important quality of a human being. Turns out that was a crock of shit.


I meditated tonight. Second night in a row. Hadn't meditated for about a year beforehand.

But felt like my mind was long overdue for a break.

Started to feel something new: like my 'I' and my thoughts both trying to take the wheel in a car.

Started to feel like the unconscious mind gets to the wheel quicker, but the conscious mind has more ability to insert itself, when a gap is inserted.

I'm aware this might sound crazy.

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it is probably Not your fault if you cant get a job tbh

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