(isn't it funny how people are more concerned of being called a racist than being racist?)

Slept horribly last night. Five more hours until I can go back home and rest 💀👻💩

What's the best thing that's happened to you this week?

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After the lengthy "conversation" my cat has just had with me I'm convinced that:

1. She thinks she can talk. She thinks she is better at talking than I am.
2. She is convinced that she's making her desires perfectly clear, it's my fault for not getting it.
3. She is, in fact, trying to correct me for using language "wrong" from time to time.
4. She is appalled that we can't even use our own language as well as she can.

Which is not to say that they were *owed* my calm and grace, but that *I* am. If I had chosen to visit upon them the wrath of God I would have been justified. I partially just wanted to make them feel a little silly in the face of a classy gentleman responding to the tantrum of a child.

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Somebody came at me with the business today on Birdsite and I made the conscious decision to be calm and graceful. I swear y'all having an effect on me ♥️

Meditations on Anger, 3 

I know I am not perfect.
I know I get it wrong sometimes.
Like, really really wrong sometimes.
But it is nice to not feel like a target just for trying to express myself, and trying to communicate with others.
It's nice not to feel like I suddenly have to fight with someone every other week.

Thank you.
Sincerely: thank you.

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Meditations on Anger, 3 

I noticed something. It's very simple:

In my whole life, I have never been attacked for my ideas nor my identity anywhere near as much as I have been on Twitter.

For whatever reason, over there, in The Other Place, there are simply more combative, contentious, and quarrelsome people.

Expressing yourself via a Tweet is essentially leaving yourself open to someone who's having a bad day or a bad year or has a lifetime of grievances and is looking to relieve some psychic pressure by pwning people online.

Like I said, it's very simple: The more I engage on Twitter, the more I am attacked. The more I am attacked, the angrier I get.

It wasn't until I started using Mastodon that I even noticed. Here, in this space, I am able to express myself without becoming the canvas for someone else's rage. Even when I'm wrong, the first response tends to not to be edgy and acerbic: it's to be kind and gentle.

The more I engage using Mastodon, the more I am treated with warmth and compassion. And the more of that I receive, the more I try to give back.

I have never been treated with as much hostility as I have been on Twitter, and I've never felt as warm and welcomed online as I have been l while using Mastodon (largely thanks to the crews at weirder. earth and rage.love).

It was at the conbini.
(The conbini.)
¥600 (US $4.30).
I've wanted something from the Technic line ever since I was a kid.
They targeting me, y'all 😭😭😭

Trying not to judge that part of my self that still feels the need to sometimes judge others...

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@samuteki Oh, easily my junior high Latin teacher, Arthur Olds.

He was just a big ol', balding, bespectacled white guy in his 50s, big bushy beard, who genuinely loved Latin as a language, loved the history of Rome and empire. Showed us the occasional movie about the days of the Empire, encouraged us to go to the local college's annual event.

That was him, though. And sure, I loved him, but what I really loved was the way he interfaced with us.

We were 7th and 8th graders, weirdos who signed on to learn a dead language, and he treated us like people. People who acted like idiots on occasion, but not incompetents, not names on another period's class roll. People who wanted to learn about a thing he loved; people he tried to connect with through that mutual interest. People he encouraged to learn through other avenues, to take part in outside events so we had a chance to connect with others.

That became my gold standard through the rest of my education. The moment I saw a teacher trying to connect with me as a person, I at least tried to reach back. Didn't always work – no one likes everyone – but he taught me to recognize and respect the effort.

Dormi in pace, magister meus.

Been crazy overwhelmed for like the last two months.
Right now is a peaceful, quiet moment.
Gotta remember things like this.

Ay, fam. So I gotta remind myself to use around these parts, and ☕ stuff that happened at work today ☕ got me thinking:

Who was your favorite (or what was your favorite class)? What did they do to make class special? What impact did they have on you and your ?

Thank you :)

Boston Tea Party levels of Tea 

I teach English at a high school in Japan.

I teach two courses to twelve different classes.

Two of those classes just don't give a damn what I do, they are completely disinterested in the lesson and anything I have to say.

This is not uncommon. There's always one or two groups every year that are like this. It's usually not because they personally hate the teacher so much, but a mix of things.

Trouble focusing. Stuff going on at home. Stuff going on at school. A lack of adequate preparation to participate in my class from my English teaching Japanese peers.

Every class has at least one student with these kinds of issues, but sometimes you get a handful or a whole class with outside circumstances that weave a net of negative, defeated energy that I can't ever get through.

I try to make the lessons as fun as possible. I try to simplify things. I try to give them more time to interact with each other through the lesson.

And like nothing works.

I know there's probably something in how I'm facilitating the class that is contributing to this problem, but the other 10 classes that I work with don't have nearly the same problems as these two.

Sometimes I feel like I just gotta wait out the clock.


Our politicians and the captains of industry and media will keep whipping up our fear and our hate until we tear ourselves to shreds. It will be the bullet points on legislative documents that finally disunites the United States.

I can only hope that at least the death of the US is enough to finally hold accountable those powerful people who are profiting from our slow death.

I don't know how to hope for you anymore, America.

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The flag is red. There's no more room for other colors, just red.

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Our economy.
Our politics.
Our media.
All of it is infected with hate and disregard for life.
All of it is infected with a false sense of scarcity that has us killing each other over doomsday scenarios that only ever happen in the most frightened corners or our minds.

America doesn't value human life. We only value the lives of the people in our tribes, the people that vote the way we do. We are a body riddled with cancerous hatred for ourselves and each other so powerful that we will kill each other over it.

America is insane.
America is sick.
Powerful people whip up our fears to the point of fever, giving us rage rage rage in constant supply at the polls and in our pockets. And then somebody with a gun snaps. They shoot up a school, a grocery store, a gay club, a church.

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Re: my recent move from the journa.host instance 

Someone asked about this, and I don't want to make a big deal about it. As I wrote in response to the person who asked: their platform, their rules, their decisions. I get it. I'm just having a really difficult time dealing with the world right now, dealing with the constant attacks on trans people's ability to just exist.

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