wanting to remind everyone since the seasons are changing about the discourse from like a couple years ago where we figured out that saying "spooky" is racist. there's searchable articles written on this with detailed history if you need the reciepts or whatever. just say "scary season" or "halloween" instead of a word that harms our friends on here.

@rosegeranium dang it. I forgot about that. Thank you for the reminder.

@rosegeranium I had no idea. Thanks for the info. Just read the Newsweek article.

CW: for mentions of racism, slurs, and war.

@rosegeranium we can't just ban every word that's been used in a racist context before… "spooky" hasn't been associated with black people in a long time, so it's not racist.

also, scary and spooky have slightly different meanings imo.

@Riedler @rosegeranium there is a hypothesis that the english word "bad" comes from a very old-time slur used to describe trans people

@rnd @rosegeranium similarly, gay used to mean happy. doesn't mean it isn't used in a derogatory way right now. I mean, I'm actively trying to let it be a good word, but at this point I think it'll be considered rude in 10-15 years.

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