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URGENT crowdfunding - $10/$400

Breanna needs help after a car accident
Cashapp: $breannacolter026

“I just crashed my Honda accord into a nearby hotel gate because my brakes gave out while I was driving and I turned inside trying to not crash into any pedestrians outside. Any who the lady agreed to let my car stay there overnight but asking for a 400$ repairment fee for there gate. May you please please help with this one? Sorry to always put my problems on you I just really can use some help right about now. Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated at this time.”

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Sharing a list of online bookstores I know about so you don't have to buy from Amazon or B&N (EXPAND) 

McSweeney’s, independent nonprofit publishing company

Detritus Books

Firestorm Coop, collectively-owned radical bookstore

AK Press, worker-run, collectively-managed, anarchist publishing and distribution

Thriftbooks, huge independent bookseller, sells new and used books for good prices

Fellow Traveler, bookstore owned and operated by Listen Left Audiobooks

Small Beer Press, publisher of fantasy and literary fiction

Left Wing Books, publisher and distributor of radical books and pamphlets

Bookshop⁣.org, online bookstore with a mission to support local bookstores

#book #books #bookstore #online #boycottamazon #indie #independant

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In both the Haitian Revolution and the Zanj Rebellion most of the insurgent ex-slaves did not speak the language of their former enslavers (french or arabic)

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online discourse in general 

There's this specific type of online discourse that makes you feel bad for not doing enough, while simultaneously making you feel bad/childish for trying to do anything 🤷‍♀️ So the only option left--if you're embedded in that discourse--is to be extremely ironic and hostile about everything.

And it's weird because this seems like a particularly online thing. I haven't met people IRL who behave like this.

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I wish there was a way to filter news so I just learn about things that happened at a higher/systemic level.

I don't want to know about individual occurences really. Just trends. Systemic shifts. My brain can grok those things more easily.

Individual stories are too confusing and nuanced, and I don't want something that is either extraordinarily bad or extraordinarily good excessively coloring my understanding of How Things Generally Are.

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made a little afrofuturesque film short called "suppose a beam of light," for an experimental analog film screening for capture photography fest. it's up until the 25th


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I need a tree consultant. I want to put a tree into our front yard. Something that will somewhat screen the front of the house, but won't get more than like 20 feet tall. It also needs to love full sun especially in the afternoons. And it should be low maintenance and native to western Washington. My eyes are bleeding trying to figure this out. I have no idea how people pick plants. There are too many options.

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Poll about the Plague Year (boosts welcome) 

I'm curious how the past year, in general, has affected your relationship with your home? This goes if you have you own place, live with others, whatever.

Has the lockdown and quarantine,etc. made you keep your house neater and buy more things for it?

Or has the lack of company, MH issues, etc. made you care less about keeping it perfect?

Boosts appreciated!

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Being autistic, I deeply, deeply appreciate everyone here who CW's eye contact and selfies. Often I'm happy to see humans, and I just need a heads up so I am not taken by surprise.

Thanks all :heart_cyber:

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Well. It's the end of another bitch of a day. May we all heal faster than we're traumatized and build power faster than we're repressed.

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Reading this kind of stuff makes me wonder what people think there is to "reform" here. I feel like reform is just collective forgetting, collective dishonoring. It is the opposite of justice.

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The essence of neurotypicality as social oppression is not about a biological neurotype but rather the demand to accept uniformity and control.

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