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hello, fediverse! here's my

you can call me ladina. i'm a writer and creative writing teacher from brazil. i'm in my 20s, white, fat and queer and i have c-ptsd.

my interests can be summarized in art, literature, music, philosophy and the search for knowledge of oneself and the world. sometimes i play videogames and ttrpgs and watch questionable tv shows.

i'm here to get to know other people, practice my english and share my thoughts on various subjects, especially brazilian culture, radical mental health and my journey through complex trauma recovery.

feel free to follow! if you need anything cwed, just tell me. :purple_heart2:

i need to stop with the "i'm just going to post relevant stuff on the gringo account" and just give in to the useless content.

D&D lets you live out all kinds of fantasies, such as:
-Having everyone call you by your preferred name and gender
-Having a big group of friends who do everything together
-Making a reasonable wage as a freelancer
-Being able to murder the terrible leadership of your country
-Getting 8 hours of sleep

For all the people who continually say that "watching a thing" or "listening to a thing" isn't praxis, I think they've greatly misunderstood what praxis is.

Not all watching or listening is praxis, but I see this idea either in or around media touted as educational.

But that is praxis.

Because you're doing something to educate yourself and (hopefully) you're thinking critically about the material you're engaging with.

Not all education has to lead you immediately to action.

Anarchy isn’t an aesthetic. It is an act of rebellion. It is the act of being ungovernable. It is a rejection of authority. A statement of independence. A commitment to mutual aid, equality, and freedom from coercion. Anarchy is a deliberate act not a style choice.

#anarchy #anarchism #anarchist

sapphic couples with height differences. 🥰

New to Mastodon? Here are some tips: 

- Two incredibly helpful ways to get started on here: browsing the "Local" timeline, and searching for hashtags you're interested in. That's how I found most of my closest friends!

- You can, and should, use the CW button to add titles or mark long posts.

- The globe at the bottom of the compose box that lets you change your post privacy.

- Image descriptions are easy to add: just click "edit" at the top-right of the image. You can also adjust crop there.

i just misread somebody's username as "comrade simulator" and now i want to make a dating sim with this title.

very long prison and police abolitionist toolkit:

so much stuff in here about how to think, how to engage with people, concrete actions to take.

and it's from like, 2003. which i find somewhat interesting in a way i'm having trouble expressing right now.

there's a good FAQ in there (pdf pg 38), and a long bibliography of further resources (pdf pg 100)

gonna turn my brains into jelly by watching this movie: expect a reaction later.

i'm really tired of only seeing young skinny white able-bodied neurotypical femme lesbians on media.

give me a story about a fat stone butch who loves her body and takes no shit from fatphobic assholes.

give me a story about a disabled trans lesbian whose service dog is her best bud, along with her loving partner, who sees her an actual person and not walking 'inspiration'.

give me a story about a 72-year-old black lesbian who bakes cookies for her grandchildren and talks to them about how she met their other grandma.

give me a story about a housewife in her mid-40s who thought she was straight her whole life and then realizes she's a lesbian.

give me a story about how non-verbal autistic lesbians talk to each other about their shared special interest.

it isn't *that* hard to come up with anything other than 'look at this white skinny femme teenager kissing this other girl!', ya know.

periodic reminder that darius mccollum is still in prison, and if writing letters and other forms of support works for you, have at it

me: fever 333 isn't *that* good.

also me, in the last 45 days:

can't stop listening to this since october.

"this time we bite back / they'll do it over and over / until we bite back"

(cw for mentions of police violence and racism in the lyrics)

genital mention, trans band recommendation 

Shmekel is a yiddish word that means small penis. This band is made up of four jewish trans men

I hate the romantic idealism of "She's 'The One'" because it tells people that loving relationships "just happen [if you're lucky]" instead of teaching the truth of how those depend upon and can be created through continuous hard work and self reflection.

(Not to mention the prejudice against polyamory that such idealism perpetuates.)

the key to anything is being critical about it, even if you agree with it.

question everything. that's how you get knowledge. and knowledge is a tool to get power.

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