Don't suppose anyone has any horror recs? But things that aren't based on ableism, racism, or sexism? I get no media is perfect but media that at least tries to avoid those kinds of tropes would be great. Films/books/short stories/podcasts whatever!

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@queerfeels Get Out and Us (2019) are great. I mean both deal with bigotry (Get Out famously with racism and Us with classism/ableism), but by critiquing it and not validating it. Parasite by Bong Joon-ho has horror elements too toward the end, dealing squarely with class inequality.

@ljwrites thank you! I've seen get out and parasite and absolutely loved them but haven't watched Us so maybe that'll be my next watch 😊

@queerfeels Lupita is amazing as always! I should warn you though that her much-lauded voice acting in Us imitates the condition of spasmodic dysphonia, something the movie faced backlash for.

Speaking of Lupita, if you count comedic zombie horror Little Monsters was highly enjoyable, too.

@ljwrites gosh yeah lupita is so incredible, so watching anything with her in is bound to be good. thank you so much for warning about her voice acting, I'll bear that on mind when watching and read up about it. Haha hell yeah I'm definitely open to comedic zombie horror, I'll make note of that one too 😀

@queerfeels I mean there is some justification for the choice that can't be discussed without extreme spoilers, but I still agree it was an ableist portrayal in the end. Jordan Peele does better than 99% of horror creators out there but he's not perfect.

@ljwrites From what I remember, she did do a reasonable job of listening to complaints from people with the condition and apologized. Doesn't change the fact that the film had already been made, but it is still rare and good to see. @queerfeels

@bright_helpings @ljwrites its good when creators and actors listen to the audience so I'm glad she took that on board because then at least they might take notice of those kinds of things for future projects even if it can't change what's already made

@queerfeels @bright_helpings oh yes, ableism is ingrained in the horror genre (and really media and society in general) so it's an easy trap to fall into. Listening to feedback from disabled people is how change happens!

@ljwrites @bright_helpings absolutely, it's so disheartening to see it so normalised and brushed off. That's why I love seeing horror (and other genres) being written and created by people from marginalised groups because it can lead to some really refreshing, critical, and alternative creations to the mainstream, I just need to actively look for that kind of stuff more!!

@queerfeels I'd recommend Midsommar.
It deals with grief and some stuff in an interesting way imo.
There's sexist elements, but I don't feel like it defines it. 🤔

@maloki thank you so much!! I've seen it talked about loads but never actually watched it!!! It looks really interesting and for sure an interesting kind of horror. I'll add it to the list 😊

@queerfeels Dearest Sister is a Laotian horror film I really liked. Leftist and feminist in a quiet way, and very tense and claustrophobic:

@ghost_bird ooo I've never even heard of it, thank you so much for recommending! It sounds so interesting! I'll add it my list

@queerfeels Ginger Snaps, too, for a very different kind of 90s feminist horror. But you’ve probably seen it?

@ghost_bird no I actually haven't, that's one where I was always like 'I should watch this!' and then I'd forget about it so I will endeavour to actually getting around to watching it this time 😅

@queerfeels It’s OK. No especially profound but it has some good fun moments.

@queerfeels "Lovecraft Country" could possibly fit your criteria, although racism is a major trope - just not in an exploitative way, for once.

Also, what about "mindfuck" movies, like "Donnie Darko" or "The Machinist?" The do deal with psychological issues a lot, though, so I'm not sure you'd call that based on ableism.

One of my favorites is "Carnival of Souls":, and in general, the old Vincent Price/Peter Lorre-movies are worth watching.

@LouInABox I actually started lovecraft country yeah! I don't have that channel tho so I had to pause because I was watching it on someone's TV whilst I was dogsitting at their house but I'm going back soon so hopefully I can finish it because some of the eps I watched were super good.
Also, I am very much intrigued by the other things you mentioned! I'll definitely check them out, especially carnival of souls! I watched donnie darko when I was way too young to watch it because it was playing on TV one time 😅 so I haven't watched since then but I think I should revisit it as it's a bit of a classic and I don't really remember it. Thank you so much!! 😊

@queerfeels I personally also like "Ticked-off Trannies with Knives," but that's a tough one, and it's r&r, so there is a lot of (sexual) violence.

With the 60's movies, be prepared for a much much slower pace of narration. They are all about atmosphere. And Price/Lorre made a lot of horror-comedy. You may also take a look at "Hammer Horror," it's a goldmine.

Oh, and have you seen Freaks (1932):


@queerfeels I wrote my BA on some gender issues in grindhouse film, and before I had the exact topic defined, I spent at least half a year watching horror movies while telling anyone I did "research for my thesis." :flan_laugh: it makes me super happy to pass along my excitement about all this odd movie stuff.

@LouInABox literally haven't heard of any of these wow, thank you so much for all this 💛 I'm not sure about the first one just because of sexual violence but we'll see!
I love a bit of atmospheric horror,how brilliant

@queerfeels Ticked-off Trannies is one of the films I wrote about and, honestly, I think I never watched in in one piece, so yes, strong CW.

Okay, one last, and then I really stop picking my brain: "Surf-Nazis Must Die," 1988, I think. It's somewhere on youtube in authentic 3:4 VHS quality. 🤣

@LouInABox 😂😂 lmao absolutely incredible, well if it's on YouTube how on earth can I say no, and with a name like that as well

@queerfeels my fave author Seanan McGuire writes horror under the pen-name Mira Grant. Horror isn't one of my go-tos so I can't talk as a horror fan, but I have read a few of her horror books and I can't recommend enough :)

@robanybody oh that's wonderful! Thank you, I'll look into her stuff 😊


Book: Mariana Enriquez 'Things We Lost in the Fire'. Brilliant writing. Short horror stories that unwind identity complexities in modern Argentina.

Film: Zombi Child - French/Haitian offbeat zombie/teen movie that twists the genre in weird ways. Tense but no jump scares.

Film: Martyrs (French film) - CAUTION this film's violence is shocking, even for long-term horror fans. Beautiful, with a story about perfection, spirituality, and our place on the earth. Jumpy.

@controlfreak yessssss, LOVE a good horror podcast, you're a gem, thank you so much 😊 honestly that looks right up my street. My horror podcast experience is mostly limited to the Magnus archives, I am in eskew, mabel, and most recently the silt verses which I absolutely love so I'm excited to try something new!

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