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'ello luvs
I'm an English (I know :/ I don't wanna talk about it...), white, able-bodied queer

Gender: unsure but fine with she/they pronouns
adhd haver ❤️ yes I will rapidly cycle through hyperfixations and no I will not apologise ❤️
Leftist politically speaking but not very well versed on theory, I just know I hate tories and capitalism innit

Came here from kolektiva because I really love some of y'alls accounts and didn't want to lose you ❤️

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Exclusion of fat bodies in art. 

Going through anatomy and drawing books is really just like ah yes another skinny person,,, åh Yes another skinny person,,,, åh yes.
If anyone has any diverse 'how to draw people' books I will forever be in your favour

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One area where my impulse to interrupt people comes in handy is when someone is struggling for a word or phrase and I supply one. They'll often start using that expression XD

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The essence of neurotypicality as social oppression is not about a biological neurotype but rather the demand to accept uniformity and control.

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The green is slowly returning to the wetlands and the trumpeter swans are right at home.

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I'm floored, because DuoLingo launched a beta for Navajo!

It's honestly making me a little emotional, because my family never inherited our ancestral language. My grandfather's generation were taken from their families and forced into indian boarding schools where they beat you for practicing your culture.

Seeing an indigenous language preserved in a mainstream tool is incredible.

The fact that lord of the rings lives rent free in my mind always, I'm never not thinking about "I would have followed you, my brother... My captain... My king" "'I know your face... eowyn. My eyes darken' 'no, no. I'm going to save you.' 'you already did... Eowyn.'" "its me! It's your Sam! Don't you recognise your Sam?" "'it's pippin!' 'I knew you would find me. Are you going to leave me?' 'no, merry, I'm going to look after you.'" "I'm glad to be with you, samwise gamgee, here at the end of all things" like BITCH YOU REALLY MADE A FILM ABOUT LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP AND HOPE AND EXPECTED ME TO NOT BE FOREVER OBSESSED AND CHASING THE HIGH OF EXPERIENCING LORD OF THE RINGS??? God..... I need to go sit down and process

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RT @aaReese
My first focaccia! Made it to celebrate the much-welcomed coming of spring 💐 ❤️🌷

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UK Politics. Bristol. 

An account of what happened from the people who were actually there.

Plus, a digression about information and corporate media because why not?

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Just so you know: I'm feeling communally bisexual.

I watch horror film recs! Us dir. Jordan peele 

Oof I finally watched Us and its for sure one of those films that you end up thinking about for days after, I loved it to be honest, really thought provoking and the acting was great. Loved the comedy in it also.
The ending made the film, like the rest was good, fun horror but the twist at the end had me like YOOOOO and me and my gf keep having discussions about the films meaning and references and shit which is always fun in a film

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So excited for and proud of my buddy Stitch who got a column, Fan Service, on talking about fandom issues! Stitch has analyzed and spoken about fandom racism & antiblackness for years and I cannot think of anyone more deserving. Catch Fan Service every two weeks on Teen Vogue, with the first two installments already out:

Who Actually Gets to “Escape” Into Fandom?

On Fanfiction, Fandom, and Why Criticism Is Healthy

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a gentle reminder to not assume that all nonbinary people are either transmasc or transfem (some of us don't specifically identity as either)

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Here's a fat person picrew! (They're so rare ._.)

- 4 body types (with and without an apparent chest)
- hair customization
- different eye styles (the fact that there's no white in the eyes is very strange, especially with darker skin tones)
- decent amount of clothes (even though a lot of them are just oversize and shapeless, the coats especially)
- face modifications I rarely see (wrinkles! Body hair! Even though beard & eyebrows can only be black ><)
- pride flags

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England is running a consultation on toilets and need enby voices represented.

Please pass this along to anybody who has access issues, including disabled people, trans people and so forth. We have a right to wee.

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white queers stop comparing our experiences with queerphobia to racism yesterday kthx

I watched midsommar! Some quick thoughts 

Okay wow really enjoyed midsommar, the continuous brightness and sunshine whilst extremely wrong and scary things were happening was so disconcerting but also a very cool change from most horror.
Florence pughs acting was :pinched_fingers: *chefs kiss* not gonna lie, I felt her grief and pain so clearly.
Her boyfriend was awful and the way he treated her at the beginning made me so angry. I talked with my mum about it who had also seen the film and I said how terrible it was the way he treated her, and she said oh he was just in a tough situation and didn't know how to break up with her and I was like??? Umm no sorry he wasnt listening to her, manipulating the situation so she had to apologise to him and making her feel bad for asking him for basic decency, that is NOT a good dude.

Was a little odd to see chidi from the good place there at first because I associate him so strongly with that show so my brain had to get used to that haha but he's a very good actor, it was great to see him in something else.
I did not like that her sister who was bipolar killed herself and her parents tho, seems to me to be the same 'mentally ill people might kill you' trope as a lot of other films.
Also, never wanna see such an uncomfortable sex scene ever again 😅

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