i'm exhausted. i have nothing to add to the noise except that i'm retracting every ounce of sympathy i may have ever had for white americans.

black and indigenous folk have been warning y'all about this for decades and yet so many of y'all are :pika_surprise: that the alt right would be brazen enough to *checks notes* act on the exact thing they've been threatening since non-white people started to get rights.

but fucking here we are on the fedi, still squabbling about ancient discourse because the White So I'm Right crowd cant just listen to a brown person that knows what theyre talking about. in fact, a great big chunk of y'all either participated in harassing the Black folk off this platform, or stood around idly and let your friends do it because you're too much a fucking coward to stand up in a way that matters.

too goddamn many of you are so sure you would be on the right side of history thats past, yet what are you doing? if the answer is coddling and goofing off with people that have been repeatedly shown to be anti-black, anti-indigenous on this platform, well congrats, you would have been a sniveling fucking nazi sympathizer in the 1940s too. you would have averted your eyes during the jim crowe era and pretended not to see, or whispered that this wouldnt happen if they just knew their place.

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my favorite responses to this are the whiny little rots who whine about how they need their racist friend for whatever reason. like dang i'm sorry, i didnt mean to come for your emotional support racist. seems like you could maybe do better.

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"lali is bullying mentally unwell people" i am a mentally unwell person, where the hell is my support? where the hell was the support for PV and all the mods there that suffered vile, racist attacks on the daily? why did i only see outpouring of support AFTER PV left the fedi? why were Black and Indigenous people called eugenicists and race scientists by ~spicy whites~ for asserting boundaries and protecting their own communities? fuck off.

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