finally got out some designs im happy with. sick kids club (chronic illness design) and custom pronoun pins. yaaay,

these will be up for sale soon-ish. and if you want to pre-order, that would help our my finances tremendously lol.

@zigg from me directly, if you like, via paypal. i dont have a listing for etsy up yet because i want to try more pronouns for displays (but i'm tired now 😖 sick kid club president).

@popstar do you have a minimum amount for pre orders? :) (Really nice work)

@popstar (by amount I mean price but I'm visibly too tired for good use of vocabulary ><)

@dustyqueersheep pronoun pins are $7, unless you want a custom shape. sick kids club pins are $10. plus $2 shipping for either in the USA.

and thank you!

@popstar would shipping to France be a possibility? Because I guess the fees are higher than 2$ in that case but that's not an issue for me if those are not ridiculous
If so I'll probably do a pre-order of both this week end via your PayPal!

@dustyqueersheep oof, yeah, sorry. i dont think i can ship to France for less than $15. i really wish i could get a better rate and I totally understand backing out of the pre-order because of it.

@popstar No it should be ok I think, don't worry
Thank you!
Just need your PayPal and I'll send what's needed :)

@dustyqueersheep my paypal address is

in your note, let me know what pronouns and flag you'd like, and if you'd like glitter or no glitter, and stars or no stars. these charms are hand drawn, so i can customize colors easily. thanks for the support!

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