open for positivity and love from an elder queer, mostly about nonbinary people 

dear baby queers, non-binary and cis people that are thinking about questioning their gender:

you're okay. like, who and what you are is OKAY. if you turn out to be trans, thats okay. if you are otherwise nonbinary of any kind under the umbrella, you're okay. if it is a phase and you realize you are actually cis one day, thats also completely okay.

if you want to medically transition, if you don't want to medically transition, if you keep your given name or take up a new one, if you "pass" or don't, if you want to "pass" or don't, you are completely okay.

being authentically yourself is so scary and feels so vulnerable, and you are braver than ANY person trying to silence and shame you.

i love you and i am proud of you okay? okay

- love, an elder agender queer.

ps i love that i get to call myself an elder queer. i never got the baby queer experience, because it wasnt.. like, a thing when and how i was growing up, and i had to learn a lot the hard way. its my sincere hope baby queers coming up and out today can have vastly more positive and chill experiences.

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queer growing pains, discussion of negative self-talk and denial 

@popstar 1. Thank you for this. You are amazing and I am proud to kind of know you a little. ✨

2. Hmm, I’m suddenly not sure I understand the baby queer experience.

I had a lot of internalized denial and self-hate growing up and didn’t really even let myself really own this stuff till age 40. I thought I was a decrepit old baby queer then. 😆

But is the idea more of a… when you start discovering your feels?

open for positivity and love from an elder queer, mostly about nonbinary people 

@popstar its real easy for me to forget these things no matter how many times i tell myself and also tell others around me, thank you, i really needed to hear this again today.

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