dracula is in public domain now so i expect to see trans dracula get the novel they deserve. i'm WAITING.


other public domain characters that you could write queer retellings of if you wanted to:

James Bond
Sherlock Holmes
Peter Pan's entire cast
Christine Daae
Alice in Wonderland's entire cast
Snow White
All of the characters from Arthurian legends
Pretty much any old western hero and villain you can name from lore
The Nutcracker and the Mouse King's entire cast (I think)
Oliver Twist

personally if i had the energy and desire to, i could write a story about Christine Daae being asexual and aromantic and tricking herself into thinking she's in love with the phantom/ Angel of Music as a means of coping with her lack of attraction in a society that demands she become a wife

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@popstar N. K. Jemisin's most recent book talks about the cthulhu city r'lyeh trying to manifest in NY and spread white supremacy

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