you've been magically whisked away to YA novel land. pick your house allegiance:

skull rose is in the lead. y'all edge lords, i see ya

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fire mouse has taken the lead and skull rose is in third. wow. the night crew must just be the edgy crew.

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@popstar I'm not surprised skull rose is walking away with it, but I am surprised there are significant votes for the others

@popstar look, there are as many reasons to love a skull as there are skulls. And when you get that rose on there too? Pure class.

@popstar I have decided skull rose and blizzard vulture are sworn enemies.

@swiff @popstar See? It's obvious. Vultures are coming for those snooty bone asses.

@ljwrites @swiff @popstar meanwhile us fire mice are about to stage a comeback

@ljwrites @balrogboogie @swiff @popstar I feel like this is just going to turn into a rock, paper, scissors, Spock isn't it?

@balrogboogie @ljwrites @swiff @popstar Don't piss off vultures, we can digest ox bones *looks smug in Lammergeier*

@popstar it's me i'm the edgelord

but *skull rose* y'know

@c0debabe @popstar nah fire mouse is where it's at now

i'm out-edgelording you here 😎

@popstar the fact that they're all pretty much evenly spaced though means you've got a perfect formula tho
like I feel like with all other YA novels there's one faction that's objectively Cool and all the other ones are lame but these are all equally good

@wgahnagl i think thats probably because i (intentionally) didn't assign any values or morals to go along with them, so people make of it whatever they want. altho i do feel like certain categories attract certain people. don't see the glass cactus makin a fuss, for instance 👀

@popstar also glass cactus sounds like an absolutely fucking baller band name

@popstar Snow Vultures feel scrappy, i root for the underdogs

@popstar I'm in for blizzard vulture. No idea what we stand for but with imagery like that I am hype to find out

@hummingrain @popstar 90% of Blizzard Vultures signed up because it sounded cool and the other 10% were high

@ljwrites i appreciate you stoking the fires of house wars

@popstar oh some sort of fantasy setting, is it? I'll go with whatever has the most dead people.
Always trying to bring the cute to necromancy.

@popstar oh great, we're already at war? With birds?
Now I'm going to be even more afraid of open spaces.

@popstar I'm a wood rat in the Chinese cycle, so I'm voting for fire mouse!

@popstar I'm envisioning a tiny field house belching house-size flames. Or a mouse made of fire setting things alight in its path.

don't mind me, pkmn 

@popstar this post made me think about that there isn't a fire mouse pokémon to my knowledge. (I'm obviously not counting Cyndaquil as that is certainly not based on a mouse as the english translation of the early games would suggest)

@popstar I just want to be as unmanageablely pointy as possible but also maybe glittery

@popstar cannot believe how little love glass cactus is getting in the comments tbh. where are my fellow transparent succulent friends

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