mods posting reports to mock them is a red flag, and more users should be aware of this.

its an intimidation flex, and just because it isn't *you* in the report now, doesn't mean it won't be you in the future. this is a bully mentality.

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you should be able to make reports to a mod team and expect it to be taken with reasonable concern. no one is above critical examination of their biases and internalized bigotry that might seep out from time to time. literally no one.

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users should be able to trust mods to come degree. they dont have to be best friends, but you should know that they will give your report some consideration.

this is largely why a lot of us left twitter, isn't it? lack of moderation? going unseen and unheard? you should expect better of your mods.

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@popstar It's also blatant abuse of power in my opinion.

@Shrigglepuss @popstar Wow. Who did this? I have only caught splashback from whatever meta is going on...

@popstar Reports should be confidential. This is the baseline responsibility of maintaining a security culture when having to work through an admin-user power structure. what da hell

@antifuchs @popstar but on the flipside, i'd say that mods posting suitably anonymized reports with a non-mocking "not a violation because ___" is maybe useful and good?

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