Lali has warez if traveler has coin :heart_sp_pride:

My actual shop will be launching soon but consider this post an official pre-order for these sparkly QBIPOC flag stickers, designed by @unfitmisfit with profits going into the pockets of a neurodivergent QBIPOC family 🎉

Stickers are $4 each, $7 for two. They cost me about a dollar to make and the rest go towards the artist and their family. I will have dots and stars holo available in a couple of weeks as well so if you prefer those, please make sure to specify or just say Surprise me! And I'll send whatever I have in stock.

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PayPal email:

We now have two ways to buy QBIPOC Stickers, the profits of which will go towards QBIPOC families! You can send me an invoice directly to my paypal, tbh this is best for orders of more than 5 stickers OR you can shop my Etsy shop (where i'll soon be listing other stickers)


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I'll make a more formal announcement when the time comes, but I'll be going on vacation in early November, and I will stop accepting orders October 17, in order to give myself time to produce, package, and ship, and then I won't resume production until around November 16, so if you want your stickers ASAP make sure to get your orders in before then.

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@popstar put me down for twelve, six of the first run and six of the surprise me stack? :D they're an awesome design and holographic sparklies just make it all the more fantastic!

@GwenfarsGarden i can post outside the US, but it comes with an extra shipping charge, i'm still figuring that out

@popstar let us know when you have a price. I'd like to buy a couple

@GwenfarsGarden i can tell you now if you plan on only buying a couple (5 or fewer) its a $1 extra charge. more than that, i'm working out.

@popstar omg that is amazing. can you send them outside the US?

@secretlySamantha There's a few countries that I can't send to right now because of the pandemic, but i cah ship them otherwise for a slight shipping upcharge. its an extra $1 for up to 5 stickers, more than that it starts to get pricey

@popstar Understandable. I have another idea tho, can I buy a couple for you to just give away to someone who'd appreciate them? (or just slap them some place public if that's your jam)

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