i got my mask and it really is a mood today of all unholy glutening days. you can still get one too, or one in any of my designs. these are double lined with a slick poly outer shell and a soft cotton inner shell and very easy to breath in. i was out in the 100 degree heat walking my dog and i didn't panic like i did last week wearing a different mask so uh 👍 lol (first image cw: EC)

also, a side note for anyone with a big ass face like ME: these masks are really big. like shockingly big. they cover my entire double chin and face and nose. they are very robust masks.

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@benhamill I do, that's why I'll be continuing to wear masks forever

@popstar looks like it's not fogging up your glasses too, which is good!

@popstar you're fucking hilarious you know that right? your designs are 👨‍🍳 :pinched_fingers:

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