a big reason that people of color on the Fediverse are "vague" about meta, or avoid saying names, is:

1) it's often not for the 'general' (and here, implicitly, 'white') gaze. they're talking about their frustrations and they're really mostly talking to other people who know the context, because that's more comfortable. I promise you that you do this too.

2) saying names and assigning blame to white people gets you a lot of flack if you, the one saying it, aren't white. it's safer to be vague.

when I Explain The Meta about something racist that happened on here, I often get responses from white users that, taken as a whole, suggest that the people of color who were more directly affected by the racist event 'should have been more clear'

please question that perception. don't assume that, if they HAD been more specific or 'straightforward,' *you* would not be one of the people giving them pushback for it.

I make those posts exactly because, being white, I take on no risk for it.

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it also might not be your business, honestly, if you weren't around for the context. like, really question why you want to Know Right Now.

what are you doing to *do* with that information?

are you trying to figure out if it's one of your mufos, so you can tell them off? great

are you trying to figure out if it's one of your mufos, so you can decide whether you believe it or not? Hmmm!

are you looking for an opportunity to insert an opinion on something that has nothing to do with you? don't

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@Manurweibling this shit is exhausting. I won't name names to white people unless it's someone I know puts in work to try and protect the PoC on the fedi because it just becomes a meta subtoot to others and then oh no I'm just causing drama and where are the receipts? And one by one I start to find out who blocked me because I named one of their friends and they didn't like that.

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@Manurweibling or the audacity of respectability politics lmao. Why can't I just be nicer and more accepting? Why do I have to cause discourse? And Black femmes on the fedi get it even worse, accused of stalking and harassment and being "terminally online" and being overly aggressive for... Trying to protect themselves? Like get out of here.

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