Yeah I came to Mastodon during the August 2018 migration from Twitter. Imagine a fedi without my annoying ass. I'm sure some people dream of never having met me and those are the kinds of connections I'm here for.

@popstar I came earlier but I finally caught on in September 2018 I think!

@popstar I honestly can't imagine the fedi without you. It would be a far less interesting (and less kind) place.

@popstar Huh... I first showed up around the same time on my original instance before it imploded. I wish we met earlier. You're FUN

@popstar a fedi without you would be so boring!

I joined in June 2018 myself. For like the first year I jumped from big instance to big instance never really happy with any, and didn't realize that the small ones were where I wanted to be all along. That's one thing that I hope the newcomers take away immediately, so they can find their space and be happy.

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