me at 10 years old: *something something baby proto-communist stuff*
my parents at 30 & 31: "You're just young, you'll get more conservative when you get older."

me, turning 31 as of yesterday: "So, that was a lie."

so why is it that older generations got more conservative as they got older? i know why late gen x and millenials aren't going in the same direction. is it just the wealth thing? were they just never understanding the root issues to begin with?

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note: this really only applies to white generations and those assilimated as white (pale latinx etc), i guess. conservatism of black and indigenous elders is another topic i wont even touch.

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@popstar i always figured it was the wealth thing, once the system starts to work for you then you start trying to justify why it's a good thing

it's just not working for any of us anymore

@velexiraptor @popstar yeah, this. i know loads of gen xers and millennials who are worse than boomers just because they managed to get some money

[parents] (+/-) 

@popstar With my mum, I somehow managed to make her /less/ conservative over the years than my dad, just by me being trans + no longer afraid to stand up for myself. She’s older than him, too.

Unfortunately, my dad is a stereotypical, white boomer, & a can of worms I hate opening. :l

@popstar It's been years since I've seen the source, but basically this has always been a boldfaced lie. The people who are old conservatives now? they weren't so progressive back then. They were contemporaries of, but not allies with, the progressives of their youth. And now, they kind of claim it both ways just to shame young progressives into complacency

@68km this makes a lot of sense and it skews with what i was thinking. the facebook 60+ memes proudly declaring themselves special because "Well our parents never knew where we were, and we survived." like, no, YOU survived. a startling amount of people did not. i suspected it was a similar phenomenon, that those who aren't wealthy, conservative allies just didnt have the same lifespan and can claim whatever the hell they want

@popstar Yeah, and also I think you can consider the older person who say "I supported XYZ the 80s, but XYZers today are asking too much".

When the reality is that you supported X, but were most likely still reactionary towards Y & Z and didn't question it hard enough

@popstar they've earned their "wealth", status, objects that signify status, and refuse to give that sgfety. Often also think they got it off hard work compared to Gen x. Which we kno isn't true since they're the first Gen not to be better off than parents & frankly are dying young af

@popstar combination of wealth and propaganda, i think. it's easier to believe things are ok, and that not-ok things are somehow distant or dismissable, when you're being groomed as heir to your spit of an empire

@popstar my personal theory is something like less access to information and a stronger belief in that whole "anyone could be a millionaire if they tried hard enough" thing, which is wrapped up with equating wealth to worth and yada yada. The constant conservative-capitalist propaganda in pretty much everything probably didn't help either 😬

@popstar i remember reading somewhere that they're was also a correlation with life expectancy and politics. basically if capitalism kills you younger then you're more likely to be left wing, and has the dude effect of skewing the demographics

Gen X, lifestyles vs life expectancy 

@PsyChuan @popstar

lots of liberal Gen X'ers liked partying, drugs and booze but also motorcycles and fast cars (these became much more affordable in 1990s) and subcultures such as raves that required a lot of driving.

All these combined didn't always end well, if people didn't OD they got into vehicle collisions, others succumbed to physical and mental health issues later in life (I've literally outlived about 5 of my friends and am not 50 yet) >>

Gen X, lifestyles vs life expectancy 

@PsyChuan @popstar

I do live in a North European country with nationalised healthcare and fairly high life expectancies, but its still a neoliberal country that rewards centrist/conformist behaviour - also a lot of Gen X ex-ravers are at risk of becoming bitter middle aged conservatives if they haven't already done so, a lot of young UKIP supporters are former ravers who got angry "migrants took all our jobs" whilst they were partying...

@popstar Our dad once told us that he believes he served his time fighting for justice by serving during the Vietnam War. He also told us that after being beaten down so much, he just gave up trying for others and only focusing on getting what he needed in healthcare.

So, likely a combination of being radically misinformed to the point of liberal values and being beaten down so that by the time they can discover the truth, they're physically unable to do anything about it.

@popstar I think when you get some power over those below you, you get to symphatize with those above you. Generational wealth and family hierarchy are the ways through even lower classes used to get some crumbs of the pie. Now it's more abstract, and that's why, i think, we have more extravagant racist/sexist shit going on with younger people.

@popstar I think it's a combination of racially-rooted fear and the classic "fuck you got mine" mentality. Once white boomers were able to buy property and hunker down with their guns and security cameras they decided to abandon everything else. Neo-homesteaders.

@popstar There's always the ol' leaded gas hypothesis, but I'm not sure how well-supported it is.

@popstar That was not a lie, you just happen to be both young and 31, as those are not mutually exclusive.

I would love to welcome you to the club, buuuut I am now 32, and still waiting to grow old.

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