comfort food question 

What do you make when you鈥檙e exhausted at the end of the day, have just enough energy to cook something simple, and want to treat yourself?

for me, I am a sucker for a massive plate of aglio e olio with plenty of crushed chillies, far too much sliced garlic, and a surprisingly restrained helping of grated hard cheese.


comfort food question 

@katherine green chicken enchilada casserole. we always have chicken, cheese, tortillas, and enchilada sauce around, but if i'm tired i'll layer it like lasagna instead of rolling them individually and then ta da, mexican food made easy (plus a side of refried beans and rice, we're mexican so its always in the fridge already)

i'm also an enormous fan of comically large salads, just whatever is leftover in the fridge on top of salad and veg from our garden.

hard to beat a classic ass quesadilla with cheese and chicken tho, dang. that too.

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comfort food question 

@popstar god all of these sound absolutely lovely!!! Tortillas are absolutely my favourite bread and I keep them around always because literally everything you can use them for is wonderful. Salads are a shout too

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